KEB offer a range of open and closed loop frequency inverters, and servo systems, for use in Compressors, Material handling, Cranes, machine tools, and other demanding applications.

Our inverters feature high speed processors, PLC functionality with in-built timers, counters, and relays. With Integral Braking controller. Active Brake control, Thermistor monitoring, and PID controller we are able to tackle the most demanding applications.

Our Innovative SCL and ASCL control, gives unsurpassed Closed loop Torque and Speed control, without the need for a resolver or encoder. This is ideal for High Speed applications, hydraulic pumps, Extruders, and Injection Moulding Machines, Shredders, and Special motors where conventional feedback solutions are difficult to realise.

Our inverters comply with EN50155 vibration standards to provide extreme reliability in hostile environments.

Geared Motors

We manufacture an extensive range of Geared motors, which we can offer with brakes, encoders, and forced vent options.  Geared motors can be supplied in the following configurations:  inline, Helical bevel, helical worm, and Parallel reducer  . Asynchronous Motor Powers from 0.12 to 45 kW are available, and we also offer synchronous Motors.

Clutches and Brakes

The KEB range of Electromagnetic clutches and Electromagnetic brakes, include: Spring applied failsafe brakes with torques in the range 1-1500 NM, for applications such as Theatres, Hoists, Doors and Machine tools. Permanent magnet brakes, for zero backlash requirements. Power to energise clutches and brakes with torques between 0.5 and 1000NM.

Magnet Technology

For over 35 years we have used electro-magnetic forces for starting, stopping, holding and positioning motion axes in machines and applications.

In the present and in the future electromagnetic clutches create torque transmissions. A wide variety of electromagnetic brakes bring dynamic motion axes into a secure holding position.

KEB offers a wide range of products to solve your specific mechanical needs. This includes:

Spring applied brakes

Permanent magnet brakes

Electromagnetic clutches

Electromagnetic  brakes



Electronic switches and power supplies

We offer standard solutions as well as an experienced team of application engineers to adapt our products to your application.

Servo Drives

Our closed-loop drive controller is for synchronous/asynchronous motors up to 900 kW with modular pluggable sensor.

  • Incremental encoder
  • Absolute encoder
  • EnDatResolver
  • Sin / Co-sine encoder
  • Hiperface

Distributed, decentralized control architecture in the drive with internal facilities such as:

  • Simple positioning, round table positioning, register function
  • All drives support  the isolated serial interfaces Profibus, CAN, Sercos, InterBus, DeviceNet, Modbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, Powerlink, Profinet and KEB-HSP5 / DIN 66019-II.
  • Speed and torque regulation
  • Positioning control with train mode
  • Synchronous run control, electronic transmission

For more information on Servo Drives

Servo Drives

Cooling Concepts Electronics

COMBIVERT F5 modular system at KEB provides mechanical solutions for particularly thermal loads, with respect to servo controllers and  inverters, these main aim is for optimising heat removal from the control box. 

  • Convection Heat Sink
  • Liquid Cooled Heat Sink
  • Flat Rear Heat Sinks
  • Push Through Heat Sink

For more information on Cooling concepts electronics

Cooling Concepts Electronics

Power Supply and Regenerative Systems

An add on to motor movements adjusted to the electric drives process variables, also feature regenerative load cycles.

Regenerative systems and power supply are components, optional, can be used for balancing energy within a system, or direct feedback of excess capacity into the utility grid.



For more information on Power Supply and Regenerative Systems

Power Supply and Regenerative Systems

Electronic Assembly

With specific requirements of machine building in mind, we supply an accessories programme that has been fully designed for KEB drive controllers.

Our free PC tool provides software that can be used across the board, and which simplifies optimisation processes, handling and diagnostics.   Motor and Power chokes decreases the reactions from the pulse-shaped subsequent loading and extra stress of the motor winding from cyclical output voltage.
  For more information on Electronic Assembly
Electronic Assembly

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