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Kee Systems Ltd is a leading distributor of Kee Klamp fittings and structural tube. We stock a large range of tubular fittings used to build guardrails, safety barriers and all types of tubular steel structures. Kee Systems Ltd also supplies the well known roof edge protection system KeeGuard.

Tubular Fittings

At Kee Systems Ltd we supply and stock 3 types of tubular fittings:

The widest range of fittings is the Kee Klamp. These fittings are perfect for securely joining and creating almost any system of standard size steel tube.

Made from high grade aluminium alloy, Kee Lite fittings have been designed to be strong, durable and lightweight and can be used for a range of applications.

Our galvanised Kee Access fittings meet building regulations for the construction of DDA handrails.

Kee Systems Ltd have qualified and experienced staff who are happy to answer any questions you may have about tubular fittings.

Tubular Fittings

Galvanised Tube

Our tubes are available in a range of different sizes and are available in a length of 3.2 as standard. Our stock of tubes includes galvanised steel and aluminium. The galvanised tubes available include:

  • 15mm NB, Plain End Galvanised Tube - Size 4
  • 20mm NB, Plain End Galvanised Tube - Size 5
  • 25mm NB, Plain End Galvanised Tube - Size 6
  • 32mm NB, Plain End Galvanised Tube - Size 7

If you require a different length of tube our team would be happy to give you a quote.

Galvanised Tube

Railing Systems

We offer 9 different formats of Kwik Kit quick assembly safety railing systems which are ready for use straight away. Our railing systems provide you with immediate protection to solve issues that may arise from risk assessments and various safety issues. The Kwik Kit is easily installed with no need for welding or bending the tubes. The kits include pre-assembled uprights to save time and enable you to have any configuration using a combination of kits.

Railing Systems

Fall Protection

We offer a range of fall protection systems to ensure that you provide a safe working environment for everyone.

The Kee Guard system is designed to make sure people with accessing a flat roof remain safe. This is a free standing system which provides roof edge protection without penetrating the roof membrane.

Our KeeGuard Topfix system is perfect for modern roofs up to a 45 degree pitch. If offers protection for both standing seam and metal profile roofs.

KeeGuard FoldShield is a fall protection system that provides safety railings which are not permanent on the roof line.

Fall Protection

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