Keith Payne Products Ltd


We manufacture and supply gaskets, and seals and converted cut parts. We have 40 years of experience of converting a wide range of material into gaskets on the top of the range computer controlled cutting equipment. Our expert knowledge of tool design enables the efficient manufacture of gaskets and other products.

All gasket needs are catered for and this also includes:

• General rubber fabrication;-, Flaps Wear Strips Pads Squeegees
• Flexible sleeve connections and joined extrusion rings
• Kiss cut adhesive backed gaskets and foam strip

Rubber Gaskets

We supply a wide range of rubber gaskets. Within our rubber gaskets ,range we have a diversity of materials which are sourced from the most trusted and influential manufacturers.

The material range includes:

• Natural rubber gaskets
• Compressed Aramid fibre
• Rubber cork gaskets
• Neoprene rubber
• Silicone rubber
• Open Closed Cell Sponge

Rubber Gaskets

Flange Gaskets

Within our extensive product range, we stock and supply flange gaskets. These flange gaskets are available for British, ASA & DIN standard pipeline standards, and are available in Compressed Synthetic Fibre and WRC approved EPDM rubber,and any other elastominer.

Spiral wound gaskets with Graphite and PTFE fillers are also supplied. We supply high-quality, optimally-manufactured products and flange gaskets,up to 2500mm diameter. We also provide design and manufacture support services.

Flange Gaskets

Exhaust Gaskets

We supply exhaust gaskets to the automotive industry. As well as exhaust gaskets, we also supply a wide range of other specialist products for the automotive sector.

Gaskets, seals and parts for the automotive trade include:

  • Felt strip
  • Rubber extrusion
  • Anti squeak rubbers
  • Radiator seals
  • Rubber curtains

A multitude of other sectors are also catered for, including agricultural, process plant, electrical, hydraulics, marine and pharmaceutical.

Prototype Gaskets and Seals

We provide a professional and comprehensive prototype gaskets and seals service. Our development department using the top of the range computer controlled cutting knives is suitable for small, 'one-time' requirements, so as to avoid costly tool charges.

Prototype gaskets and seals we provide include:

  • Large gaskets up to 3 Metres x 2 Metres
  • Precision Diaphragms
  • Flexible sleeve connections
  • Precision cut rubber strip

Custom Gasket Cutting



Industrial gaskets are a very important part of our conversion business… Gaskets washers and custom-cut parts are supplied across the whole engineering spectrum.
We cut and supply to refrigeration compressors re-manufacturers, valve manufacturers, pipeline installers, process plant fabricators, lighting assembly makers, electronic control gear designers, pneumatic conveying companies.
Wear resistant grades of rubbers and polyurethanes are made for rotary valve and for squeegees for floor cleaning machines.

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