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Kelpack manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality, durable waste compactors
With over 30 years experience, our waste compaction consultants know the right machine for your needs.

Our range of waste compactors cover:

  • Static Waste Compactors - from standard through to transfer-duty
  • Portable Waste Compactors - standard and leak-proof
  • Refurbished Waste Compactors


Static Waste Compactors

Our range of static waste compactors are manufactured in Sheffield for maximum quality, reliability and durability. From standard duty through to transfer duty, our machines have an average compaction ratio of 5:1 on medium density general waste.

On certain materials, for example light printer’s trimmings, compaction ratios could reach as high as 10:1.


Portable Waste Compactors

Our range of portable waste compactors are high performance and renowned for their quality, reliability and durability. 

Suitable for light and medium volume industrial and commercial installations, Kelpack’s portable compactors are manufactured either as standard or ‘K’ series leak-proof, which is ideal for containing liquid waste / food waste / manufactured process waste (wet).

In light of legislative requirements in this area and as part of our site survey, we would love to discuss volumes and types of waste.


Refurbished Waste Compactors

In additional to manufacturing high quality static and portable waste compactors, we also have a stock of used waste compactors.

The quality that goes into the initial build of a Kelpack compactor means each machine retains a high level of durability throughout its life. Our comprehensive refurbishment process encompasses 24 separate checks to ensure the machine operates at its original efficiency level. What’s more, every used compactor is backed by the same service agreement and funding options as our new machinery, offering you a cost effective and robust waste handling solution.


Liquid Extracting Pre-Crush Unit

With the current Government Directives of no liquid being sent to Landfill, Kelpack’s uniquely designed pre-crush de-liquefying draining and pumping system offers an innovative solution to help you meet these targets.

Suitable for use within the food production industry, warehousing and all other commercial and industrial operations, the pre-crush unit works by de-liquefying and destructing reject food products and out of date items that normal waste compaction will only partially destruct and not de-liquefy. It contains an Auto Pumping System to drain or tank, allowing safe disposal of liquid and residues. This enables de-watering of very high water content waste products and reduced residues in solid waste.


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Waste Compactor Finance- Lease, Hire, Rental & Purchase

Through our own branded finance arm, Kelpack Hire, we provide a number of funding options on our new and refurbished waste compactors, providing you with the flexibility to fund equipment that suits your business and its budget.

Our transparent rental schemes do not include hidden extras or expensive get out clauses.  Instead, they represent a genuine value for money proposition. With equipment available on rental facilities ranging from a minimum of 12 months to 5 years, our experts work with you to identify the most tax efficient and cost effective option for you.


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