Kelvin Topset


Kelvin TOPSET provides industry leading incident investigation courses, products and services designed to reduce workplace incidents, improve safety performance and awareness, and increase overall corporate profitability.

The TOPSET incident investigation system is incredibly user-friendly and ensures consistent investigation practices and incident reporting.

More than Root Cause Analysis

This proven, robust and structured investigation process offers more than a Root Cause Analysis tool. The TOPSET methodology ensures that investigations are planned, managed and completed in a timely fashion and that reports and recommendations of a consistent standard are produced.  

Incident Investigation Courses

Attend an Incident Investigation course. Topics covered include team selection, data collection, investigation techniques, interviewing, root cause analysis and reporting. Particular attention is given to preventing incidents from re-occurring. Book now

Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Software

Learn to use our powerful software as a tool to store and analyse your investigation data. The software will help you to quickly and efficiently produce consistent investigation recommendations and reports. Download your free trial today

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