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Here at Kemet, we offer innovate operation solutions that require precision finishes and close tolerance. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are able to offer you the correct flat lapping machine to suit your requirements. Our flat lapping machines range from 380mm (15") diameter to over 3.0m (120").

Our products and services include:

  • Diamond Lapping Machines
  • Lapping Consumables
  • Lapping Plates and Kits
  • Lapping Accessories
  • Flat Lapping Training
  • Mechanical Seals
  • Lapping Safety Valves, Gate Valves and Ball Valves

Diamond Lapping Compounds

We supply diamond lapping compounds in an assortment of packaging sizes such as 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, and 1kg containers. Our diamond lapping compounds have a unique applicator to ensure accurate amounts of the compound are dispensed with no leakage. Available from 1/10 Micron to 90 micron in water soluble, oil soluble or water / oil soluble formulations

Diamond Lapping Compounds

Spherical Lapping and Polishing

We offer spherical lapping and polishing to produce a mirror finish, hold geometry, correct failures and maintain roundness. Our spherical lapping and polishing machines are able to work with parts from 12mm to 75mm diameter.   

Materials we can polish include:

  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Stellite
  • Ceramic
  • Other materials may be possible
Spherical Lapping and Polishing

Metallographic Machines & Consumables

We supply a wide range of metallographic equipment and consumables for use in laboratories for sample preparation. Our metallographic equipment and services includes:

  • Cutting Consumables
  • Mounting Consumables
  • Grinding Consumables
  • Polishing Consumables
  • Abrasive Cut Off Machines
  • Precision Cutting Machines
  • Hot Mounting Press
  • Forcipol Grinding and Polishing Machines
  • Petrographic Thin Section / Geological Thin sectioning
  • Kemet Machine Accessories
  • Microscopes
  • Spectroscopic Sample Preparation Machines
  • Hardness Testing Machines
  • Free Trials for Metallography
Metallographic Machines & Consumables

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Kemet International offer complete ultrasonic cleaning tanks ranging in capacity from 3 to 3000 litres.

We offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonics, from cleaners to bespoke cleaning systems and cleaning solutions. Laboratory and bench top ultrasonic cleaners range from 3 to 25 litres, while our industrial ultrasonic cleaners range from 20 to 160 litres. We offer bespoke cleaning systems above 160 litres.

We can also offer solvent cleaning systems, ideal for high volume cleaning.

As well as ultrasonic cleaners, our range includes rinsers, hot air dryers, dewatering tanks, filtration, oil separators, platforms and automation. Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed to be modular to give you the maximum flexibility, from a single cleaner to a fully automated system.

Our chemists have also developed a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning detergents to suit every application you might require. We also offer cleaning trials at our site. So let us help you develop a new process, reduce costs or solve immediate technical problems. Thinking about Ultrasonic Cleaning? Think Kemet.

Ultrasonic Cleaners
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