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Welcome to Kenburn Waste Management. We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of waste handling equipment and consumables. As experts in our field we  save our clients money by improving their handling of waste streams. We deliver this not only with our superior range of waste balers, waste compactors and consumables but with our specialist knowledge of environmental management and our highly skilled service team. 

Waste Management Machines

Our waste services & support give you intelligent waste management solutions

At Kenburn, we aren’t just proud of our balers, compactors and consumables but of our superb pre and post sales services too.
Our nationwide team of expert engineers is equipped to take care of everything from installation, preventative maintenance of balers & compactors to carrying out waste audits and customer operator training.
We pride ourselves on our fast response call out times, rapid repairs and efficient enhancements because the integrity of your waste management is integral to our business. And if you need any further help or advice, we're only a phone call away on 01727 844 988.
Bespoke financing for waste management systems We offer a range of options to suit your specific business requirements.
  • Purchase
  • 5 year lease
  • Short term rental
  • Ad hoc hire
  • Range of service

Free Site Audit – Money Saving Waste Management Solutions

If you want to profit from waste management, there's no time to waste.

Kenburn can save you money with your waste management. And it costs nothing to call us in for a free site audit. Our expert will come in, review your current set up, assess your waste management needs and offer money saving solutions to suit your needs.

To arrange a free site audit please contact us.

All information supplied by you will be treated with the strictest confidence and will not be passed on to any third parties.
Waste Management Machines

Solid Waste Balers

Our range of solid waste balers is superb for controlling business waste

The Kenburn Waste Management range of vertical balers and horizontal balers covers almost all demands for waste handling.
Solid waste balers are used for compacting waste. Their function is to transform volumes of waste into solid blocks of recyclable material, enabling recyclers to collect it easily and economically saving your business time, space and ultimately money.
Enhance your waste management systems with a high quality Waste Baler
  Each of our balers is robustly built for maximum efficiency, low noise operation and low levels of maintenance to ensure minimum disruption to your working environment.
Our high calibre balers are designed and built with safety and simplicity of use in mind. Whatever your business and whatever industry you work in there's a baler with the right capacity and capability to deliver the perfect space saving waste management solution for you.
Solid Waste Balers

Waste Compactors

We have a great range of waste compactors for sale, lease or hire. Improve your waste management systems today.

Kenburn Waste Management UK offers a comprehensive range of compactors. Our range is suitable for any business spending more than £50 per week on waste management and will save you money.
A compactor is a machine designed for the compression of waste material to reduce the volume of waste and consequently the amount of space taken up by waste and the amount of money spent on its disposal.
Reduce your waste management costs with a high quality Waste Compactor
  These cost efficient, hard working and hard wearing machines are available as portable and static models meaning that we have the right compactor to meet your waste disposal needs.
Our compactors combine quick feed efficiency for large volumes of waste and modular flexibility to suit your changing requirements.
Whether you run a restaurant or warehouse you can save money, reduce waste volume and increase your workplace environment and efficiency.
If waste management is a problem for you, look no further for your solution than a static or portable compactor from Kenburn.
What the right Compactor can do for your business
  • Improve waste management
  • Reduce waste collection costs
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Improve the working environment at your business

If you want to know more about our portable compactors and static compactors or what we can do to save your business money please contact us.

Waste Compactors

Waste Management Equipment Consumables

Kenburn sell a comprehensive range of waste equipment consumables which work in conjunction with our waste handling products such as compactors & balers.

Our range of Consumables includes:

Waste Management Equipment Consumables

Waste baling machine consumables

We stock a wide range of baling machine consumables including:


Baling Wire

4m cut & loop lengths
4.5m cut & loop lengths
5m cut & loop lengths
24kg coil
400kg coil
Roto Compactor Bags
Regular Round 300G
Heavy Duty Round 500G
Regular Square 300GSQ
Heavy Duty Square 500GSQ


Racks and Bags
Rack Bags
Rack for plastic bags


Horizontal Waste Balers

 We can supply  Horizontal Balers that produce mill size bales to optimise your waste processing and even collection. Our Balers are very reliable, built to last and are low on energy usage, making them extremely cost-effective.

All models in the range offer pre-programmable electrical control systems,

Horizontal Waste Balers

Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers are perfect for baling recyclable material into space saving blocks. This reduces space needed for storage, reduces the cost of waste collection and saves time spent on disposing of waste effectively and responsibly.

Vertical Balers

Roto Compactor

Roto Compactors were one of the first waste handling machines onto the market. They massively reduce the volume of general waste, depositing it in large bags or sacks for collection and disposal.

Roto Compactor

EPS Granulator

EPS Granulators are suitable for any business wishing to dispose of bulky polystyrene waste. This  granulator converts pieces of polystyrene into small granules and bags them, allowing for easy disposal.

EPS Granulator

Waste Machine servicing and repair

Our experienced engineers are based around the country to provide national coverage. We offer a range of service agreements designed to ensure the best possible performance from your waste management equipment.

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