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Kennett & Lindsell Ltd produce a variety of hand-crafted tailor's dummies for clothing design and display .  

Our BS Ranges include numerous female dress forms with different bust, waist and hip measurements based around the model BSD. The shape is natural and definitive, but quite neutral in balance and prominence, making them very flexible and popular products

Concept Ranges

Our Concept Ranges are generated from using a series of electronic scans of a group of subjects. The software generates an average 3D body shape from a large quantity of scanned in images.

For more information and specific measurements please visit our website.

The Classics

The Classics are a series of models that are block derived.

The Classics shapes are traditional shapes designed to emulate slightly constricted or structured body shape. Models in The Classics range have features such as 'A' Line Hips and supported body shapes.

WED Range

We manufacture two WED ranges. These are:

  •  the WED - the first widely used and accepted range.
  • and the WED II -  the same shape as the WED range but with a larger body size structure.

For more information and specific measurements please visit our website.

Gents Selection - Modern

We produce a Gents selection. The Gents Selection has a variety of models with varying body shapes and sizes, including modern and more traditional body shapes.

For more information and specific measurements please visit our website.

Technical Information

At Kennett & Lindsell, we manufacture all our products in our ISO certified facilities.

All our products are produced individually to an extremely high standard.

Our Traditional Models are manufacture from well estabilished and modern materials.

Development Department

We have a Development Department that alters our ranges to ensure that we meet the shapes required by our customers.

Our Development Department can produce a product to individual specification.  We also offer the option to modify our existing products.

Contact Us

If you require any further information regarding any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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