Kenworth Engineering


Kenworth Engineering is a family run company based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. Established in 1992, we specialise in the manufacturing of bespoke machined components and serve a wide variety of industries across the UK ranging from the local food factories to more complex parts found in the Renewable and Oil & Gas industries.

CNC Milling

Our milling department comprises of machines which are incredibly advanced and are able to produce large quantities of work at an extremely competitive cost. Work produced by a CNC machine is of an exceptionally high standard and produced to suit the customers requested lead times. 

CNC and Manual Turning

In our turning department we have all bases covered. In April 2016 we purchased a brand new Doosan Puma turning centre which is highly accurate and will happily complete medium to large batch orders. We have the capacity to accommodate larger shafts and flanges, usually found in the Sub Sea and Oil & Gas industries. 

Horizontal Grinding

External Grinding

This process produces highly accurate tolerances twinned with concentric finishes on diameters. We also use these machines to grind shafts that have been previously hardened, or that have just been machined and require a requested surface finish to achieve the tolerances required.

Internal Grinding

This process is used for finishing internal sizes on work pieces. If a workpiece has been hardened this can sometimes distort bores, therefore internal grinding is a requirement. This enables the bore to be finished to an accurate size.

Surface Grinding

We have 2 surface grinders, one covering sizes up to 500mm x 200mm on table travel, and a larger one that has a table travel of 1000mm x 500mm. By surface grinding we are able to ensure a high level of flatness, while achieving a high quality finish and the required tolerances. Again this process can be used on hardened parts or parts previously machined.

CAD Design

We use CNC CAM software which incorporates both turning and milling concepts, allowing us to create complex machined parts with minimal programming time at all. We have the ability to drag wireframe or solid models straight into the software enabling us to get straight to work creating tool paths ready to send to the machines.

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