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We were established in 1962 and have become unrivaled experts in waxes and wax blending. We offer an extensive range of all waxes and wax blends.

We are also manufacturers of petroleum jellies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors as well as for commercial and industrial use.

We provide the exceptional service, competitive prices and quality stock levels. We pride ourselves on our customer's awareness and responsiveness and have grown into the UK's leading wax blender.

Wax Blending

As the UK's leading provider of wax blending, we offer a comprehensive and unique service to candle makers. We provide an extensive selection of paraffin waxes. They range from low melt point through to high, hard materials.

We are the only wax blending company with over 600 tonnes of bulk storage for wax blending. We also have available to us pastillator machines, slabbing presses and powder towers.

All of this means we can offer you the highest level of service and our wax blending is achieved to your exact requirements.

Wax Blending

Paraffin Wax

We provide paraffin waxes fully refined, white, odourless and tasteless and with oil content as little as 1.0 percent. We offer paraffin waxes at exceptional prices and have a range of melting points from 42oC to 69oC. Harder paraffin waxes are supplied in powder, slab or pellet form.


Paraffin waxes provide superior protection and offer water barrier properties that make it perfect for coating cardboard and paper in the food industry.

Paraffin Wax

Emulsifying Wax

Our superb emulsifying wax is based on primary fatty alcohols and neutral emulsifiers. It is emulsified in water and aqueous solutions and manufactured with high purity and consistency in mind. We make it especially for use in creams and ointments.

We manufacture our products in accordance with BP monogram and emulsifying wax is developed for use in the preparation of pharmaceutical emulsifying ointments and penicillin cream bases. 

It is also ideal for general use as oil in water emulsifiers for pharmaceutical and toilet preparations.

Being almost neutral, emulsifying wax has no perfume, aromatic oils or medicinal substances. It makes it a very stable wax and can easily be combined with other substances.

Emulsifying Wax

Microcystalline Wax

We have in-house facilities to manufacture pure microcrystalline wax in a combination with paraffin or other performance additives.

Microcystalline wax is often used in adhesives, castings, corrugated board, cosmetics, rubber, and tyre industries. The wax is available in white, yellow or dark brown.

Uses of microcrystalline wax also include candle making, cosmetics, dental, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, fruit coating, jewellery waxes, laminating, paper and board coating, and snowboard and surfboard coating.

Microcystalline Wax

Equestrian Wax

We export our equestrian wax world wide. Our equestrian wax comes in types of temperate and applications, such as spray on.

Our standard or bespoke range or products are produced and tailored to any solution, and ready to be used anywhere in the world.

Equestrian Wax

Defeathering Wax

Defeathering wax is used for removing feathers from poultry. We provide a range that can be adjusted to suit a selection of applications, the efficiency and overall low cost of the wax is key to our selection.

We work together with major users to develop these bespoke solutions, like defeathering wax, and offer items that are customer focused and led by the high standards expected from the industry.

Defeathering Wax

Other Wax Products

We supply a exceptional range of other wax products to suit a variety of applications and are ideal for use in many industry sectors.

Some of our other wax products include:

  • Anti Ozone Wax
  • High Performance Proofing Wax
  • Industrial Petrolatum
  • Leather Proofing Wax
  • Polyethylene Wax
  • Stearic Acid Bead
  • Surface Improver
  • Yellow Soft Paraffin
  • White Soft Paraffin
  • And many more
Other Wax Products

EcoSoya Wax

EcoSoya® soy waxes are perfect for Candle manufacture and are produced using 100% pure, natural soybean oil from soybeans grown in the U.S.

EcoSoya® soy waxes are manufactured from non-petroleum renewable resources and are produced with consideration and care for the environment. The 100% vegetable waxes in the EcoSoya® range are all Biodegradable and free of Pesticides and Herbicides.

EcoSoya Wax

Petroleum Jelly

At Kerax we manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of white and yellow petroleum jellies which cover a vast range of applications for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Personal Care and industrial markets.

Using only highly refined hydrocarbons our petroleum jellies for the Pharmaceutical, Veterinary and Personal Care markets meet stringent quality requirements and can be used with total confidence, we are regularly audited by the major pharmaceutical companies and our products are approved for the manufacture of ointments, creams and preparations.

Our Industrial grade petroleum jellies are used in a variety of applications in the rubber, automotive and general industrial sectors and we can manufacture to your specific requirements.

We guarantee to supply the optimal solution for your product or application requirement.

Petroleum Jelly

White Oil

Our medical grade white oils have approval for use in all pharmaceutical applications.

Colourless, odourless and tasteless, they may also be used in many other industries where they may come into contact with food or beverages. Highly refined, tasteless, odourless and with excellent colour stability.

White Oils' inert nature makes them easy to work with and suitable for use across a spectrum of applications and product formulations.

Chemically and biologically stable they do not support bacterial growth and are widely used as industry standard.

Our range of White Oils and Process Oils meet the very highest specification demands - below is a sample range, other products are available on request.

Our Policy of 'Always Available', means your demands are met promptly , cost effectively and with the highest levels of service.

White Oil

Natural Wax

As the UK's largest blender of wax, Kerax recognise the growing demand for paraffin wax alternatives for an increasingly demanding market. GMO free the Kerax natural wax range is responsibly sourced from the U.S and European countries.

The Kerax Natural Wax range offers an environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin waxes for a variety of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Paper, Packaging and Candle manufacture.

As with our full range of wax products we are able to blend to your exact specifications, ensuring a solution for your application.

The accompanying table shows many of the natural waxes available from Kerax- if you don't see what you are looking for then please let us know.

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