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Kerb Konus manufacture a vast range of fasteners for use in all thermoplastics, thermoset and composite materials in brass, hardened steel, aluminium and a choice of stainless steels.

The Ensat product range offers self-tapping screw-in solutions for those parts that have a large number of inserts in many positions and on different planes. High performance and speed of insertion comes as standard with Ensat.

High pullout resistance can be obtained from the S-Lok range of headed, unheaded and male/female components when installed with heat or ultrasonic means.

B-Lok expansion inserts are fixed in the moulding by precision anchoring vanes, providing both unbeatable short installation times and protection against the screw working loose.

The press-in Mubux inserts and studs offer fast and simple installation, as well as outstanding pullout resistance, particularly when used immediately after components are moulded.

Heat installation devices are available for both manual and semi-automatic assembly with low cost machines designed for rapid insertion beside the moulding machine also a speciality.

With a vast range starting at M2, the Anchor rivet bushings enjoy universal applications. During the installation process, the riveted serrations on the shank of the Anchor cut into the sidewall of the receiving hole, creating a secure fastening that is torque-resistant and capable of withstanding loads applied from both sides.

Clifa threaded inserts and studs are pressed into pre-punched receiving holes creating a permanent connection. The Clifa is torque-resistant and has minimal outside dimensions.

A Teflon based coating, masks threads from contamination by electrodeposited primer or paint. Pre-applied to male or female threaded fasteners, NYCOTE® protects completely against adhesion of weld-spatter.

® Nut.
The self-locking TufLok® Nuts have a blue Nylon patch which offers many advantages. They are self-locking with variable prevailing torque, with 1 or 2 clear threads for easy assembly. TufLok® Nuts provide increased re-usability at lower in-place costs than with most other self-locking mechanisms. Their performances exceed DIN and several National specs and are ideal for adjustment or sealing applications.

NYTEMP® is an orange locking patch, which is fused directly onto the threads of nuts, screws and or bolts to give predictable locking performance up to +230úC which is re-usable 5 times.

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