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We have provided IT support to North West businesses for over 25 years. With low cost IT support services for hardware and software, we can ensure the proper working of your entire network. No matter your requirements, we can help. From supplying equipment to supporting it, our IT support in the North West removes the headaches of day to day IT management with a tailored support package to suit your needs.

Hosted Desktop

Our CloudServer+ hosted desktop enables you to manage your IT the smart way. Our hosted desktop soultions offer you a more efficient, secure and cost effective alternative to managing your own infrastructure by moving your servers to the cloud.

A CloudServer+ solution will:

  • Optimise your IT and workforce
  • Give you enterprise level IT systems without capital investment and expense that achieve the highest security levels
  • Reduce your IT spend
  • Day to day IT management to ensure your systems are always backed up and up to date
Hosted Desktop

Service Management Software

Our service management software has field engineer optimisation at its core. It will help you save time and money whilst improving service and profitability with a modular, flexible and powerful solution that offers total workforce and business management to companies of any size.

Our service management software will eliminate frustrations such as missing or incomplete job sheets, keeping track of services and parts, engineers not having the correct parts with them to complete jobs and duplicating information.

Service Management Software

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps provide intuitive, innovative and feature rich applications to reach your business goals. Key computers specialise in mobile app development for UK businesses with experience of developing interactive data applications for all smart phone and tablet platforms including:

  • iPhone
  • iPads
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
Mobile App Development

Sales and Inventory Control

Key Optima is a multi-faceted sales and inventory control system. It was specially designed for wholesalers and retailers across a broad range of market sectors. Our sales and inventory control system can be integrated with SOP, accounting, CRM, service management and the internet to provide a complete the business solution.

Optima will allow you to manage contracts and delivery expectations quickly and effectively. You can easily update delivery schedules, flag pending and outstanding orders on our inventory control system.

Sales and Inventory Control

Training Management Software

We provide revolutionary training management software. We have developed a diary system developed for industrial and logistics sectors. Our training management software makes a typically complex task a walk in the park. Our training management software can be used for the recording of in-bound enquiries, managing resources, producing quotations, invoices and certificates.

Training Management Software

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