Keymas Ltd

Total Turnkey SolutionsKeymas Control and Automation has the expertise and the versatility to identify and implement the most cost-effective solutions, to develop management systems, conveyor control and turnkey conveyor systems. Our expertise is the result of many years of experience, designing control and engineering turnkey systems to suit individual companies needs.

In and Out side the UK
Dedicated to quality and customer care, the experience of Keymas Control and Automation is worldwide. These are the reasons why companies such as Wurth, Lec Refrigeration, and Field Packaging are numbered among our clients, and continue to be, updating and enhancing their systems, and often specifying Keymas Control and Automation for new control and conveyor systems.

System Up-grades and Enhancements
System enhancement is an important element of our service.Clients look to Keymas as an extension of their own facilities, to extend, relocate and reconfigure systems electrically and mechanically.
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