Keysource Ltd.

6 ways Keysource can make your life easier..

..if you need a complete computer room solution, UPS or generator.

1. You will find it easier to deal with a company that understands IT & Telecoms

Keysource is fully conversant with IT technology and understands the demand for increased reliability and resilience. We design computer room and power solutions to satisfy your IT, rather than just your perceived power, needs.

2. We understand how environmental monitoring prevents downtime

A major Keysource advantage is our ability to integrate standby power, temperature, humidity and key plant with the IT infrastructure. This enables remote monitoring plus alarm notification via SNMP, email, SMS and pager for all critical UPS, generator, air conditioning and fire suppression systems.

3. People choose Keysource because of our exceptional customer service

Every project is allocated a project manager to ensure that it's dealt with properly and efficiently. We provide a highly professional service, without being stuffy or inflexible.

4. As an independent company, we provide impartial advice. We select from the best manufacturers and guarantee the best value

Our consultative approach and wide experience enables us to present the right solution clearly. We discuss the level of availability you need and explain the options available. You'll be making an informed choice - not simply choosing from an arbitrary selection.

5. You can get the complete solution from one source.. Keysource

Why suffer the additional hassle of dealing with multiple companies/contractors? Our in-house project management, installation and support teams handle projects from simple UPS installations through to complete computer room design and build jobs on a daily basis. With the ISO quality system and NIC EIC approval, quality is assured.

6. Save thousands of pounds on design costs

Keysource has the experience, technical ability and in-house resource to completely design your computer room or secure power system, which means we can save you thousands of pounds on design costs. We can work independently or as an informed contractor with your existing team.

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