Keytech Systems Ltd

What is different about Keytech Systems Ltd compared to other companies selling keypads?

Keytech are Europe’s only customised Silicone Elastomer Keypad Designers

We at Keytech do nothing else but customised keypad design and manufacture, in our own factory, making a keypad to our customer’s special requirements.    We are designers, innovators and above all, market leaders in our field

Silicone Elastomer Keypad Designers

We would like to introduce you to our new KEYFLEX™ keypad system Keyflex differs from a conventional silicone rubber keypad in so much as it is mounted on the front of the products case moulding/front panel and as such becomes a total part of the aesthetic interface.

Other salient points are: - Keyflex removes the need for complex expensive case mouldings.

Switch operation can be either by membrane, poly-dome, E/Mech, or integral s/rubber carbon contacts on to a P.C.B.

Keyflex can be applied to curved surfaces and offers an excellent I.P. rating. Finally Keyflex opens up new areas of possibility for imaginative interface design.

Silicone Elastomer Keypad Designers
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