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At KFA, we will find the right vibratory equipment and materials handling systems for your requirements. With more than 40 years design and manufacture experience, we produce standard machines, semi-standard systems and bespoke materials handling equipment for industrial, commercial and food manufacturing processes.

Whether it be our specially engineered mechanical solutions, bulk component or product handling systems, our products are truly perfect for both the OEM and end user markets. Unlike other machinery options, we offer greater design flexibility on our vibratory equipment.

Vibratory Feeders

We supply a variety of vibratory feeders with various specifications. They are designed to meet your individual, industrial needs.

Our vibratory feeders include:

  • Right Angled Vibratory Feeder  - electro-magnetic drive positioned at right angles and above a drying oven mesh belt giving a slow and even discharge of product.
  • Electro-Magnetic Drive Conveyor - electro-magnetic drive conveyor with feeding components directly from a plating barrel discharge station on to a drying oven.
  • Mechanical Shaker Drive Conveyor - mechanical shaker drive conveyor with two floor discharge points.
  • Tubular Feeder - suspended tubular conveyor driven by two vibrator motors and having quick release access doors at the front and rear.
  • Heavy Duty Bulk Storage Feeder – heavy duty electro-magnetic drive bulk storage feeders.
  • Twin Motor Drive Vibratory Screen - twin vibrator motor drive vibratory screen. Incorporating quick release modular screen decks and anti-clogging balls.
Vibratory Feeders

Component Handling Systems

We design our component handling systems to meet your needs. With a variety of drives and power sources, we are sure our component handling equipment will be valued and integral pieces of your operation.

For more information on our component handling systems, please visit our website. They include:

  • Mesh Belt Furnace Loading
  • Electro-Plating Barrel Loading
  • Electro-Plating Barrel Un-Loading Shaker Hearth Furnace Loading
Component Handling Systems

Bowl Feeder Loading Systems

Our bowl feeder systems are mechanically operated and provide the necessary capacity for your food handling needs. For your bowl feeder loading systems needs, we supply:

  • Low Level Bulk Hopper
  • Tote Pan Tipper
Bowl Feeder Loading Systems

Bulk Handling Systems

We design a number of products for your bulk systems for your handling needs. We supply a bulk container lift and tip machine that is hydraulically operated, and designed to suit customer stillages. We also manufacture a bulk decanting system that transfers components from bulk containers to tote tins or boxes. It increases productivity and for the safer handling of components.

Bulk Handling Systems

Magnetic and Belt Elevators

We have magnetic elevators that are designed with either moving magnets or with fixed magnets. Our moving magnetic elevator has no external moving parts. It creates a vertical lift of components from an integral hopper.

We also manufacture a belt elevator with side walls and flights fixed upon on a mobile framework.

Magnetic and Belt Elevators

Rota Flow Barrelling Process System

We have designed a unique Rota Flow barrelling process system. It can be used for any process requiring agitation and transfer. Our Rota Flow barrelling process system is an automated process machine with reciprocating action used for:

  • Bright Dipping
  • Cleaning/Washing
  • Pickling
  • Chromating
  • Chemical Blacking
  • Phosphating
Rota Flow Barrelling Process System
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