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Kidde Products is the leading manufacturer of advanced fire protection equipment comprising some of the best known and trusted brands in the fire industry. Products range from latest fire detection and alarm technology, through to engineered fire suppression systems.

Clean Agent Systems

At Kidde Fire Protection, we supply an innovative range of clean agent systems, making us a worldwide manufacture of gaseous fire suppression systems. Our extensive clean agent systems are an ideal solution to preventing collateral damage to critical systems, which can be coursed by water or powder. The types of industries which use our gaseous systems include computer businesses, telecoms, museums and art galleries to name a few, ensuring minimal damage and clean-up is required.

The types of clean agent systems we have available are:

  • 3MTM Novec tm 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
  • FM-200®
  • Argonite®
  • Carbon Dioxide.

Argonite C60

Our Argonite C60 is an advancement on our Argonite gas fire suppression systems. As well as having zero ODP, zero GWP and zero atmospheric lifetime, this new system introduces controlled flow technology. This innovative technology, allows for considerable savings in installation and deliver performance, which meets and exceeds applicable regulatory and environmental regulations.


Novec is stored as a liquid but discharged as a gas, reaching its extinguishing concentration in 10 seconds or less leaving no residue behind thanks to its excellent environmental properties.

This next generation fire protection fluid is the next step in fire suppression technology producing zero ODP, an atmospheric lifetime of 5 days and GWP of just one, which provides a safety marge of 100% which is higher than other cleaning agents.


As part of our unique clean agent systems we include Argonite gas fire suppression systems. Argonite gas is a blend of argon and nitrogen providing a 40% concentration which will reduce oxygen levels to 12.5% within 60 seconds.

This ensures you receive no collateral damage, reducing clean-up costs making it ideal for protecting critical business computer and telecoms rooms. With having zero ODP, zero GWP and zero atmospheric lifetime, Argonite has many exceptional environmental properties ideal for these environments.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

Carbon Dioxide fire suppression has been used for over 80 years and is still one of the most reliable forms of fire suppression. Although it is used within unmanned applications, it’s also suitable for manned areas ensuring a safe working environment, making this a highly versatile solution.

Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems are used worldwide, extinguishing more fires than any other gas agent making it ideal for use in local application or within totally flooded areas, combined with it being relatively inexpensive.


This unique fire suppressor is used throughout 70 countries worldwide, making FM-200 the most widely used Halon replacement. Benefits of this fantastic system are its short discharge time of 6 -10 seconds, providing a rapid fire response combined with a small storage footprint. These features make FM-200 an ideal solution for areas where space is a premium or weight restrictions apply.

Service and Maintenance - Fire Suppressions

At Kidde Fire Protection, we specialise in providing service and maintenance fire suppression solutions. Our innovative clean agent systems have made us a worldwide leader in manufacturing ideal gaseous fire suppression solution to prevent collateral damage to critical systems, which can be coursed by water or powder systems.

The types of industries which use our service and maintenance fire suppressions include museums and art galleries for preserving bespoke artefacts or computer businesses and telecoms, protecting critical systems, ensuring minimal damage and clean-up is required.

The types of Clean Agent systems we stock are:

  • 3MTM NovecTM 1230 Fire Protection Fluid
  • FM-200R
  • ArgoniteR
  • Carbon Dioxide.
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