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At Kim’s Food, we were started in 1993 and became the first Chinese pancake producers in the UK to achieve and maintain ‘Global BRC Certification’. We specialise in Chinese pancakes, and are able to produce 80,000 pancakes per hour. Kim’s Food as the market leader within the Oriental food industry.

In recent years, we have expanded our product range from Chinese pancakes to over 10 different types of pre-prepared meat and seafood products. From Kim's Foods, we supply the most popular products and ‘key’ ingredients to the wide range of Oriental food dishes, other ranges of cuisines, and food chain sectors.

Crispy Duck Pancakes

Our Chinese crispy duck pancakes are versatile and can be used to wrap a variety of food products. Our Chinese crispy duck pancakes are attractive, perfectly round and consistent in quality, shape, size, thickness and texture. Our standard pack sizes include 6 and 10 Chinese pancakes. We can cater for alternative pack sizes on request.

Spring Roll Pastry

After extensive research, we have developed a superior spring roll pastry that overcomes the problem of stickiness. Called easy peel spring roll pastry, we can assure you a quality product. Whether you are a food manufacturer, an experienced chef or a first time user, you will appreciate the convenience of our spring roll pastry. It is a time saving and easy to handle product.




Fried / Frozen C Weed

We supply two different types of C-Weed products. These products are designed to meet your requirements -- from restaurants to high output ready-meal manufacturers.

  • Frozen C-Weedcarefully developed to remove the need for time-consuming preparation.
  • Fried C-Weed - seasoned to taste and ready to eat


Chilli Beef Strips

Chilli beef strips are one of the most popular Chinese dishes. We use a traditional recipe, but with the aid of modern technology, we are able to manufacture high-quality chilli beef strips.

The strips come out golden brown, are crispy on the outside, but tender inside and retain a delicious beef flavour.  




Sesame Prawn Toast

Our Sesame Prawn Toast is one of the most delicious starters on the Chinese Menu. It is produced in our dedicated temperature-controlled room. We use only the highest quality sticky prawns to provide the best flavour.

Full enjoyment is ensured with every bite of Kim’s Sesame Prawn Toast.



Spare Ribs

Our spare ribs are ideal for our cooking processes. They are made to very high standards, and are very juicy and tender. There’s nothing like them on the market. But our new spare ribs are certainly not just for the Oriental food market.

One of the goals for Kim’s Food in the coming years is to expand our product into a wider range of cuisines in the food sector. Our spare ribs are favourites in pubs and bars across the UK



Battered Prawns

As either a starter or main dish, we use the best tiger prawns covered with a light,crispy batter. Our battered prawns can be combined with a range of herbs such as coriander, salt and pepper, or chilli. Our battered prawns are a popular and versatile ingredient that can be tailored to your requirements.

Hong Kong Style Pork and Chicken

We specialise in pre-prepared, battered meats. Our Hong Kong-style pork and chicken is made using an automated frying production line so we can make sure the temperature of the oil stays at its optimum condition. The result is great taste! Our sweet and sour pork (Hong Kong Style) pork and chicken will impress diners in Chinese and non-Chinese restaurants alike.

Kim's Battered Chicken Fillet and Balls

We produce our chicken fillets with light batter or with bread crumbs. They are usable for all cusines.

Our pre-prepared, ready to use battered meats will save you time and ultimately costs. Despite the ease of cooking we these products, we can trace every piece of meat to where they were farmed and prepared.

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