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About Us

At Kinderkey we have established a reputation for quality innovation and customer care.
We design, manufacture and resource an ever growing range of special needs and disability equipment. We also supply a range of height adjustable, profiling beds and cots.

Our Online Shop offers a wide range of therapeutic, safe sleep, bariatric, access and handling equipment
Our safe sleep products are designed to be both functional and attractive.


Cot Beds

Our cot beds offer the necessary protection, and ensure the perfect combination of safety and comfort – our carefully designed cot beds are suitable for those with physical or mental behavioural concerns.

Travel Beds

We offer travel beds that are portable and can be made in different heights to the individuals requirements. They can fit around a standard size single mattress or be made smaller and supplied with an optional mattress.

Bespoke Beds

The Bearhugzzz SpaceSaver bed is designed to promote safe sleeping for vulnerable adults and children. It can come  available with windows made from mesh or vinyl. As the Bearhugzzz SpaceSaver is a bespoke bed it can be made to fit any space.

The bed has modular strong steel walls which are encased in foam and covered with a waterproof, wipeable, antimicrobial fabric.

Nursing Beds

Using the correct nursing bed can impact the quality of life for those who use them – a badly designed or inappropriate bed can have a detrimental effect: this is why electric nursing beds are so important. They come with sectioned bases, which means the mattress can be moved into various positions controlled by a bedside handset. We supply to the NHS and domestic clients across the UK, improving the quality of life for people with special needs and those who have care requirements

Foam Mattresses

The correct foam mattress will help to prevent pressure ulcers by removing factors that can contribute to their occurrence – providing the correct positioning for patients and employing an adequate support system.



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