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- YEAR FOUNDED is one of the UK's leading suppliers of grit bins, Earthway salt spreaders, snow shovels, rock salt and winter maintenance equipment. Our range of winter safety products are essential to ensure the areas around your home and business remain snow and ice free.

To order our grit bins or other great products, go online or call 0800 0337084.

Salt Spreader

We sell a range of quality salt spreaders manufactured by Earthway. The Earthway 2040Pi plus is our best seller. The Earthway 2130 is used for larger areas being a broadcast salt spreader. Both very competitively priced and known and respected throughout the winter maintenance industry, these salt spreaders add to a good winter maintenance program with a quality grit bin and snow shovel

Rock Salt

Being a major part of your winter maintenance program, rock salt is a core product. It can be purchased either as a single bag and delivered to your door, or in bags making them easier to manage than the one-tonne sacks. We sell good quantities of rock salt, and are able to fill any order small or large.

Lockable Grit Bin Winter Packs

We sell a range of lockable grit bins winter packs with the option of getting them delivered as a pack, with a shovel, a high visibility vest, gloves, and also a quantity of grit salt to get you started. These lockable grit bins winter packs are all delivered to your door and very competitively priced. The added lock helps if your grit bin is in an area with public access. It will keep your quantity of grit salt safe making it available when you need it.

Mini Grit Bins for the home

We sell a range of mini grit bins that are the perfect size for the home. Due to their compact dimensions, they require minimal storage space and are the ideal solution to store rock salt for the areas around your house or small business.

These mini grit bins are tough, durable, weatherproof and ideal for the storage of grit, salt or sand. These top quality grit storage containers are available in a range of colours and sizes. All grit bins are made from weather-resistant polyethylene.


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