Kingsbeech Railway Support Ltd


Kingsbeech Railway Support Ltd offers procurement services to the rail sector with a fantastic railway support system.
We provide railway support to the MOD with high quality service. With increasing demand around the world, we will supply railway support and technological solutions.


Our scope of railway support activities covers the source and supply of maintenance, the supply of products, and the service to improve the procurement process. The scope of services and products we provide is unrivaled covering sectors such as workshops and depots, transport infrastructures,  as well as light rail and tram systems.


Our unmatched range of products contributes extensively to the rail support sector.

Kingsbeech Railway Support products may include examples such as:

  • Switchgear modules
  • Power electronic devices
  • Computer systems and ancillary apparatus
  • Cabling and harness work
  • LED and State of the art displays
  • Legacy electronic systems and obsolete devices

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