Kira Supplies

At Kira Supplies we pride ourselves on being the best in all aspects. We offer a huge range of products which will cater for your every computing need. Not only that but we offer an unbeatable after-sales service.

Established in 1996, Kira Supplies exists to offer clients a "One Stop Shop" with the best service possible for all of their computer needs, including hardware, software and consumables, so please call us for all your requirements from a box of floppy discs to a complete network installation.

At Kira Supplies we will always strive to make sure that each individual customer is happy with every product we supply. We aim to give the best after-sales service as possible, and make sure that if any problems arise, they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

At Kira Supplies, we are computer solution providers. This means that we can supply anything to meet your specific computing needs and requirements.If there is something that you need and you do not see it listed below, there is still a good chance that we can supply it.
  • Bespoke Builds
  • Components
  • Cinsumable Goods
  • Digital Imaging
  • Fax
  • Impact Printers
  • Inkjet printers
  • Laptop and desktop
  • Large Format Printers
  • Laser Printers
  • Line Printers
  • Networking
  • Plasma Screen /TV's
  • Presentation Products
  • Servers
  • Software
  • Storage
  • Telephony
  • Video Conferencing
  • UPS
We have the backup of a number of national supply networks but are in fact a completely independent business and therefore always free to recommend the most effective solution to our clients.

As the quote below from one of our long-standing customers shows, we are experts in customer care.

"As suppliers to us of Hardware and Software, we have found that the quality of Kira Supplies' service is excellent, even to the point that they have become the plumb-line to which I compare the service of all other prospective suppliers.

We have found them to be competitive in price, their staff - consistently helpful, their delivery - timely, and any problems/issues with supplies resolved quickly and without hassle, and very available to be contacted. On top of that, they have often been able to offer value added solutions to us, over above what would be expected normally."
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