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Specialist Suppliers of Rotary Tables, Power Chucks, Work Grippers and More

Established over 70 years ago, Kitagawa have produced products for machine tool accessories, building materials, foundry and construction equipment.

Kitagawa's Europe's core product range currently includes, Rotary Tables, Power Chucks, Hydraulic Cylinders and Collet Chucks. Kitagawa's dedicated team of specialist engineers are constantly working on new and innovative design solutions.


When it comes to the production of thin shaft-type workpieces on turning machines, steady rests are a crucial accessory.Without the assistance of a steady rest there is the increased likelihood that workpieces will become unstable during the cutting process, which can cause them to bend or deflect; concentricity can be affected as can the quality of surface finish.

The Kitagawa Europe steady rest range boasts the highest levels of build quality to ensure engineering accuracy and safety in the workshop.

We supply a wide selection of standard and grinding steady rests that are designed for a variety of applications, including:

Fixed or travelling positioning

Vertical loading

Crank shaft turning

Actuating cylinder

Compact designs for tight work areas

Heavy duty models for components weighing 10-40 tonnes




At Kitagawa Europe we take seriously our responsibility to provide our customers with appropriate holding devices to complement our NC Rotary Tables.

Collet Chucks are of course an integral part of the machining process when looking to produce the highest quality components, delivering numerous benefits:

Quick chucking for fast turn around

Self centring

High clamping force

Precise centring reducing runoff

We realise that the demands of each application can vary widely and offer a range of Collet Chucks to meet our customers’ requirements; whether they are looking for a time efficient Quick Change Collet Chuck or the supreme accuracy and compact design offered by a Pull Back Collet Chuck.

When it comes to machining performance the Collet itself is just as important as the Collet Chuck. Fortunately at Kitagawa we have all the angles covered with an extensive range of Collets, available in every connection type:

Varibore Collets (D-671, D-850, D-673, D-120, D-677, D-285, D-175, D-660)

Spring Collets (D171E, D-286, D173E, D-853, D185E, D193E)

Pull Back Collets (5C, 16C)

DC Collets (DC-52, DC-65, DC-42)

In order to keep your operation running at optimum levels, we also provide an excellent selection of accessories, from Grease Guns to Collet Changing Devices.




When it comes to gripping components, 3 Jaw Chucks tend to be the most popular thanks to their versatility. The Kitagawa 3 Jaw Chuck series offers the perfect option for every requirement, from large through hole diameter for large workpieces, to steel body construction for increased rigidity.

Of course, 3 Jaw Chucks are not suited for every application and some situations may require a more specialised approach. We provide an extensive range of manual scroll chucks to suit your needs, whether it is 2 Jaw Scroll Chucks for gripping irregularly shaped components such as pipe joints and valves, or the huge clamping force delivered by 6 Jaw Chucks.




NC Rotary Tables are one of the product ranges that have helped secure Kitagawa's strong reputation for delivering high quality products.

Their lasting build quality and precision engineering have ensured these rotary tables stand out above the competition.

The Kitagawa range of rotary tables currently includes full 4th & 5th Axis rotary tables. We specialise in compact high speed rotary tables, NC Rotary Tables suitable for heavy machining and the compact multi spindle table to name just a few.

Kitagawa's range of popular Mac Mini controlled rotary tables are also expanding and feature 4th or 5th axis

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