Kite Packaging Ltd Harlow


Kite Packaging was founded from scratch in 2001 with a unique vision - to be the premier packaging suppliers in the UK with a philosophy of employee-ownership.

At Kite we believe that “customer satisfaction matters so much more when you own the business”, and so, from the moment Kite Packaging was founded, we established it as an employee owned business so that every single employee could share in the benefits that come from giving great customer service.

Kite’s team covering the London & South East, is based on the Western side of Harlow in one of the main industrial areas. It’s modern, high bay warehouse, giving ample storage space, which together with our own truck fleet, allows us access to Basildon, Cambridge, North London and the M1 corridor all within 1 hours drive.

Overseen by Managing Partner Paul Mustard, the site has a particular focus on the food manufacturing sector, and is run in line with the relevant requirements.

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