Kl Precision Engineering Ltd


We are bespoke manufacturers of press tools and also offer an expert repair service. We are able to repair and restore tools from other manufacturers and not just our own.

We believe it is important to provide an extensive and professional service tailored to fulfil all your press tool requirements.

Mould Tools

Our fully qualified team of staff provides a full manufacturing and repairing service on all types of mould tools. We have a wealth of experience and are ready to talk to you about your requirements.

We can provide you with mould tools ideal for your specific application and let you benefit from the highest level of service.

Bespoke and Prototype Engineering

Combining design work done on advanced CAD software and our own skill we can create bespoke and prototype engineering solutions ideal for a range of industry sectors.

We can provide bespoke and prototype engineering for one-off products or for short batch requirements and since we have established and continued to develop relations with our clients we always provide en exceptional level of workmanship and quality combined with the latest solutions.

Jigs, Fixtures and Fittings

We are not just a bespoke engineering and manufacturing company, or a press and mould tool provider. We also offer an extensive assortment of jigs, fixtures and fittings.

Our range of jigs, fixtures and fittings can be applied to any industry purpose and we can create accessories in any shape, for any application, regardless of complexity.

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