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To minimise risk of oil and gas, hazardous and non-hazardous fluids and other media spillage, the KLAW Safety Breakaway Coupling is a vital component in a transfer system.

The unit shuts down flow when an event occurs and then separates. This activation is caused by either undue strain on the system or an extreme pressure surge.

If a KLAW Safety Breakaway Coupling is not fitted then the resulting spillage and trauma to the transfer system could cause damage to assets such as hoses and loading arms, injury to personnel, extended downtime, costly oil spill clean-up and pollution to the environment.

KLAW Flip-Flap Valve

The global success of the KLAW Flip-Flap valve is due to its reliability and performance. Instantaneous closure is achieved even when partial separation occurs. Minimum headloss is another advantage which offers the highest levels of flow efficiency.

The valves are locked together from each side of the breakaway coupling. When the coupling separates, the flaps unlock and rotate to closed positions. With the valves closed, 100% shut-off is achieved from each side of the coupling. A major spillage incident is therefore avoided.

Industrial Breakaway Coupling

The KLAW Flowbreak range of Industrial Breakaway Couplings protects against drive-off and other events that can cause spillage and damage to assets. The KLAW Flowbreak offers 100% closure and is compact and easy to maintain. The Flowbreak is suited to a range of applications including truck, railcar, onshore and offshore terminals and is suitable for 99% of all liquids and gases. The reset facility of the coupling allows for easy in-line servicing and resetting.

Industrial Cryogenic Breakaway Coupling

The KLAW Cryobreak range of Industrial Cryogenic Breakaway Couplings operate at cryogenic temperatures down to -196 degrees Celsius (-320F). Similar to the ambient KLAW Flowbreak, the Cryobreak is compact and contains reset plugs for easy resetting and servicing. An ATEX cable is also fitted as standard.

Typical media: LNG, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Ethylene, Ethane, Argon and CO2.

Applications: Ship Bunkering, Ship-to-Shore terminals, Road Tankers, Rail Cars, Loading Arms and cryogenic retail dispensing.

Industrial ERC Breakaway Coupling

The KLAW ERC offers a Collar Release mechanism that is not dependent on strain on the transfer system to activate. The KLAW ERC design provides easy maintenance and inspection and modular end connector options.

Marine Breakaway Coupling

The KLAW Marine Breakaway Coupling (BAC) provides instantaneous double closure with 100% shut-off. The KLAW BAC is designed specifically to be installed within a hose string and resists both bending moments and torsional forces so that premature activation of the unit is avoided.

Typical applications: Ship-to-Ship transfer, Ship-to-Shore transfer, Ship-to-Rig transfer, Marine refuelling.

Emergency Release Coupling: ERC Ambient

The KLAW ERC has all the benefits of safety breakaway couplings but with the added advantages of additional control options and the facility to activate without relying on any stress on the hose or transfer system. The ERC depends on a Collar Release mechanism and is available as Cable Release, Hydraulic, Dual Release or manual Hand Pump override. The release mechanism option will depend on the requirements of the transfer system.

Emergency Release Coupling: ERC Cryogenic

This KLAW Cryogenic Emergency Release Coupling has all the features and operational benefits of the ambient ERC but is designed for cryogenic temperatures down to -196 degrees Celsius(-346F).

 Typical ERC Cryogenic applications: Ship-to-Ship transfer, Ship-to-Shore transfer, Loading Arm, Truck Loading Arm and Hose Assemblies.

Hydraulic Power Unit

The HPU provides the operator with control over the Emergency Release System and that allows ERCs to be activated for emergencies additional to stress on the hose string.

Full Bore Breakaway Coupling

The KLAW Full Bore BAC is a Safety Breakaway Coupling that offers no line restriction and that means faster flow and reduced transfer time. The KLAW Full Bore is the most efficient breakaway coupling of its type in the industry, providing 100% instantaneous double shut-off. The coupling is designed to fit within a hose string and is fully piggable and is not affected by clogging. This means much lower maintenance costs and down time.

Typical applications: Ship-to-ship transfer, Ship-to-Shore transfer, Ship-to-Rig transfer, Marine refuelling, Cutting fluid operations and Flowback operations.

Media applications: Dry powder, viscous or abrasive media, dry cement, bitumen, mud and waste water.

KLAW Non-Closure Breakaway Coupling

KLAW Non-Closure Couplings are breakaway couplings that activate in response to strain on the system but do not contain closure valves.

KLAW Non-Closure Couplings are specifically designed to incorporate an identifiable safe parting point within the transfer system. This avoids damage to assets such as transfer systems and reduces risk of injury due to an identified and controlled location where risk is identified.

Non-Closure Couplings are installed within a flexible hose string or fixed to a rigid point.

The non-closure coupling is suitable for non-hazardous media where spillage is acceptable.

KLAW Non-closure Breakaway Coupling types: Industrial, Marine, Hygienic.


KLAW LNG offers a range of LNG system solutions for the safe and efficient transfer of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) for Ship-to-Ship (STS), Ship-to-Shore and LNG Bunkering.

Image courtesy of Excelerate Energy

KLAW LNG STS (Ship-to-Ship)

Ship-to-Ship LNG transfer systems that ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency is technology that KLAW has been involved in from the very beginning.

KLAW was a key contributor to the first ever LNG STS transfer which was conducted by Exmar in August 2006. KLAW designed and produced the breakaway system for this transfer.

KLAW is now globally respected for delivering systems that meet the very high standards of performance that is demanded in the efficient and safe transfer of LNG.  

KLAW LNG Bunkering

KLAW has been at the forefront of developing LNG Vessel refuelling systems that meet the demands of the ever evolving sector of LNG bunkering.

Swivel Joints

The KLAW range of Swivel Joints is designed to reduce wear and fatigue on hose systems and loading arms. KLAW Swivel Joints extends the life of hoses, aids hose handling and reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

A comprehensive range of Swivel Joints is available to meet the specific requirements of the media, the system and the application. Options include types, materials and sizes and take account of pressure, temperatures, end connections and whether the application is top side or subsea.

KLAW Flange Lock

The KLAW Flange Lock delivers a quick and efficient method of connecting and disconnecting flanged hose connections. Compared to other options such as draft pins, studbolts and nuts, the KLAW Flange Lock provides improved safety and reduces risk to hands and fingers. Each Cam takes only 5 seconds to connect and is impossible to loosen once deployed in a pressurised line.

Aftersales Care

KLAW offers a comprehensive range of aftersales services both direct and through its global distributor network. Support includes advice, training, resetting and refurbishment, preventative maintenance and spares kits.

KLAW Testing Facilities

KLAW uses in-house testing facilities for both pressure and cryogenic testing.

KLAW Standards and Awards

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001 Quality Management

PED (Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC) verified by TUV (Ident 0879)

ATEX Directive (94/9/EC)

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