KMK Compensators Ltd


KMK Compensators Ltd are manufacturers and installers of Fabric Expansion Joints, Fabric Compensators, Fabric Bellows, Flexible Bellows, and Expansion Bellows.

KMK Fabric Expansion Joints

KMK Expansion Joints can be supplied fully assembled with the supporting steel flange arrangements, ready to slot into ductwork. For existing applications we can supply factory joined or open for on site joining where access is limited.

Fabric Expansion Joints Installation

Our experienced teams of fitters (all qualified slingers and qualified to the National Safety Passport Scheme) are always available to respond to customers requirements for onsite installation services, and will carry out all such work in safe and efficient manner.


Expansion Joint Design

Our expansion joints are designed and manufactured to suit our customers individual requirements and applications. Technical assistance is always available to help establish the best solution to expansion joint problems. We can supply full metal packages, including support steel work and flanges, backing flats and flow plates, designed for economy and efficiency.

Fabric Bellows

Fabric Bellows are extremely flexible and can be made from a variety of specially woven fabrics impregnated with selected elastomers.

Protection Bellows

KMK have a wide choice of materials available to ideally suit the conditions of your application:

PVC coated polyester suitable for water, dust & certain acid environments.
Polyurethane coated polyester suitable for shavings & oils.

Viton coated glass for resistance to oils, shavings, sparks, temperature & chemical attack.

Silicone coated glass for higher temperatures.

Aluminised polyester.

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