Knight Optical UK Ltd


Knight Optical (UK) Ltd are manufacturers of precision optical components for communications, commercial, scientific, optoelectronics, and electronics applications.

Products include:

Optical Filters:

  • Interference bandpass filters, colour glass filters, Wratten filters
  • Acrylic colour filters, neutral density filters, Dichroic colour filters, Heat filters,
  • Cold Mirrors, Hot Mirrors.


  • Plano-convex lenses, aspheric lenses, ball lenses, Doublet lenses
  • Fire-polished lenses, condenser lenses, concave lenses
  • Cylindrical lenses, fresnel lenses, plastic lenses.


  • Lambda/10, gold, aluminium, dielectric, UV Mgf2 and silver coated
  • Concave and elliptical mirrors
  • Commercial general pupose grades.


  • Plate beamsplitters 50/50 and 33/66 for Visible and IR
  • Cube beamsplitters
  • Commercial general purpose grades.

Windows and diffusers:

  • BK7 windows, quartz and fused silica windows
  • Sapphire, Caf2, silicon and Mgf2
  • ITO or AR coated as standard
  • Flashed opal and ground glass diffusers
  • Anti-Newton glass
  • Plastic screens in PVC and Acrylic.


  • Right angle prisms, corner cube prisms,
  • Equilateral dispersion prisms, amici roof prisms,
  • Rhomboid prisms, dove prisms, penta prisms,
  • Wedge prism, fresnel prisms.


  • 3M HN grades, UV and IR polarisers, crystal and cube polarisers
  • Plastic retarders
  • Mica and quartz retarders
  • Achromatic retarders.

Graticules, apertures and gratings:

  • Eye-piece and stage graticules, resolution charts, bar gratings
  • Standard series slits and pinholes
  • Iris diaphragms
  • Holographic and ruled gratings as well as research.

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