Knitter-Switch (UK) Ltd


Knitter-switch was founded in Munich in 1966 and for the past 30 years has been supplying the European electronics industry with high quality cost effective switch solutions.

The company has an excellent reputation in Europe, particularly in Germany, where Knitter-switch products are widely used in a multitude of applications notably consumer electronics, telecommunications, instrumentation and computers.

Knitter-switch has recently expanded into the UK creating new sales and marketing operation in Basingstoke Hampshire. The company's objective is simple: to build on the excellent reputation the company has in Europe by becoming one of the premier switch suppliers in the UK.

The knitter-switch product range is one of the most comprehensive of any switch supplier. The major product categories include, Push-button, illuminated and non-illuminated, coding switches both DIL and rotary, toggle switches, slide switches, and rotary switches. We also have a comprehensive range of LED housing indicators including a new waterproof (IP67) series. Our latest products include membrane panels and rubber keypad technologies.

Having a comprehensive product range is only half the story. Availability is crucial. Knitter-switch policy is to hold stock of all catalogue products ensuring X stock deliveries in most cases.

Whatever your switch requirements Knitter-switch will have a solution.

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