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We specialise in knitted wire mesh products. Our range of knitted wire mesh products is vast and covers a multitude of applications and requirements. We produce high-quality, versatile, knitted wire mesh from a vast range of materials, offering a high degree of creativity and expertise.

Our products include:

  • Knitted mesh rolls
  • Demister
  • Clear mesh
  • Anti-vandal mesh
  • Grease filters and framed filters

Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator

Our extensive knitted wire product range includes options in wire mesh mist eliminator.

Our wire mesh mist eliminator range is produced with extremely high volumes (typically 98-99%) along with substantially high removal efficiencies and low pressure drop.

Wire Mesh Demister

We produce a versatile and varied range of wire mesh demister units suitable for many applications.

Our wire mesh demister products are intricately designed and produced. Along with wire diameter and mesh density, another important parameter in design and operation is the vapour velocity. This is controlled by careful selection of the mesh area.

Wire Mesh Rolls

We specialise in wire mesh rolls and produce a high quality, versatile, knitted mesh from a vast range of materials offering a high degree of creativity and expertise.

With knitted wire mesh rolls and all related products, our skilled design and development team will ensure the correct characteristics and specification are chosen for each individual application. A few easily changed criteria might be the diameter of wire (0.08 to 0.5mm), the number of strands and the shape and size of the stitch.

The majority of the material we use is 100 percent recyclable.

Grease Filters

Our extensive capabilities with knit mesh include the production of grease filters and framed filters.

We produce a vast range of knitted mesh elements for industrial filter and de-misting applications. For installation above cooking ranges, our grease filters (framed elements) offer unbeatable performance levels in eliminating entrained grease and fat from being drawn into the extraction ducts.

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