KONE Plc specialise in lift servicing. They have a high standard of work and service lifts to a high standard of safety.

They offer lift servicing packages that are designed to meet the unique maintenance needs for each client.

To get a quote on their lift servicing options, please visit their website.


KONE Plc specialise in the design and manufacture of lifts. They can produce residential lifts, office lifts, retail lifts, hotel lifts, hospital lifts and many more.

They have a team of specialised engineers who can install and repair lifts in many different environments. For further information on any KONE lifts please visit the website.


Automatic Doors

KONE Plc can manufacture and supply a range of automatic doors. Their automatic doors can be installed in a variety of different environments and can be used as commercial doors, hospital doors and for other pedestrian access applications. They can also be used in an industrial environment.

For further information on their range of automatic doors please visit their website.

Automatic Doors

Industrial Doors

KONE Plc manufactures a selection of industrial doors, including:

  • Sectional Overhead Doors
  • Roller Shutters
  • High speed Doors
  • Fire Resistant
  • Manual doors

KONE Plc can install and repair any of their industrial doors to ensure they are fully operational. For more information on their industrial doors please visit their website.

Industrial Doors


KONE PLC design and manufacture a range of escalators. Our escalators and autowalks set the standard for eco-efficiency, safety and visual design. They are also designed to enhance the look and feel of your building, with a range of stunning visual customisation options.

KONE PLC can provide bespoke escalator designs in their UK manufacturing facility. Please visit their website for more information regarding their escalators.



Maintenance and Service

KONE Plc's maintenance and service options work to ensure their equipment always performs at its best and has the longest lifespan.

As part of the maintenance and service options Kone offer: escalator maintenance, lift maintenance and automatic door maintenance.

They also offer repairs and upgrades as part of their maintenance and service.

Maintenance and Service

Platform Lifts

Platform lifts provide and excellent access solution. The compact platform lift, with self-supporting construction, can be installed in a stairwell without major structural alterations. This solution uses 50% less energy than a standard lift.

Their range of platform lifts includes:

  • Vertical platform lifts
  • Inclined platform lifts

For further information on KONE's platform lifts please visit their website.

Platform Lifts
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