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From our Manufacturing Plant in Scotland we can supply standard or specialised cranes and hoists and deliver them to our clients anywhere in the world. Each product is manufactured to ISO9001 - 2008, specifications by a dedicated team of professionals using modern CAD / CAM techniques and delivered on time to agreed specifications.

KONECRANES design and manufacture a range of hoists to suit every possible application.

Smarton SMT Heavy Duty Cranes

With a capacity range up to 250 tonnes, Duty Classification M3-M8, the KONECRANES Smarton SMT range of cranes combines excellent optional operational features such as Load float, anti-sway, end positioning, adjustable working area limits, hook synchronization, shock control, skew control, ESR extended speed range, remote diagnostics, global back up technical support 24/7, load displays on the radio, protected areas, HIM human interface to machine all making this range of cranes the easiest to use, yet the most sophisticated by the utilization of a range of options to suit every need.

Explosion Proof Crane Technology

In developing our Explosion-proof product range, KONECRANES utilised its vast experience in diverse customer applications and it's extensive resources and innovation power in mechanical and electronical design. As a global leader with high production volumes we can apply advanced manufacturing technologies to guarantee continuous high quality and long lasting reliability. KONECRANES crane maintenance know-how helped to develop the CXT crane giving the best return on investment for you. The new CXT Ex Cranes from KONECRANES incorporate the most significant innovations introduced to the market for many years and combine the superior safety and ergonomics, easy and effective load handling and favorable dimensions of our CXT range of cranes and hoists.

CXT Standard Crane

The CXT Crane includes the most significant innovations developed for industrial crane applications for many years. This industry leading technology is based on our innovation power and extensive resources in mechanical and electrical design. Also the most modern industrial manufacturing technology is applied. Above all CXT cranes are the result of our experience with almost all industrial crane applications and therefore the technology offers the benefits presented: easy and effective load handling, superior safety and reliability, space saving solutions and best return on your investment.

SM Spacemaker Heavy Cranes

With a heavy duty range from 250 tonnes to 500 tonnes, Duty Classification M3-M8, the KONECRANES SM Spacemaker range of cranes combine excellent operating height and hook approaches with compact, lightweight construction. These characteristics produce substantial savings on building costs (up to 30% in many cases) and a maximum of work space and hook coverage.

LV Special Cranes and Components

KONECRANES (UK) can supply a fully customised crane up to 600 tonne capacity to meet the specific and most arduous requirements of each client. By utilising proven KONECRANES heavy duty components, KONECRANES (UK) can build an LV Special Crane at their East Kilbride plant and have it delivered to anywhere in the world.

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