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At Kormag, we supply the Kaschke Smartpower range of flyback transformers. These products are designed to be suitable for any application ranging from 2.8W to 96W.

With our flyback transformers as well as all out electrical products, we know that safety is the number one priority. Each part we sell has gone through a 100 percent test and inspection.

Power Filters

We are proud suppliers of Kaschke products. Established 57 years ago, the vast majority of their component solutions like power filters are custom made. In our experience -- for over 80% of enquiries we receive -- we have a platform to offer a wound component for your application.

Please visit our website or contact us about our power filters and the products.

Power Storage

We have power storage solutions. Please contact us today for more information.


Our ferrite products are based on the magnetic materials including nickel zinc and manganese zinc. We have 24 grades of soft ferrite offering varying values of permeability,

Our ferrite cores are used in many electrical and electronic applications such as:

  • Filter assemblies
  • Complete pre adjusted coils
  • High frequency transformers
  • Current transformers
  • Directional couplers for antenna technology
  • Forms of Inductors or chokes

Custom OEM

For custom OEM solutions, our parts are tailored to your design application to electrical parameters, size, weight, efficiency and ambient temperature.

Our facilities offer the following in house benefits.

  • New design development team
  • Tool room and machine shop
  • Injection moulding
  • Custom coilformer service
  • Winding technology up to 60 mm² copper conductor
  • Copper foil winding technology
  • Volume manufacturing
  • Full automotive standard to TS16949
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