KT Technology


KT Technology is a specialist kiosk manufacturer, supply a full turnkey solution for kiosk production of both small and high volumes, with a full line of stylish standard kiosks to complete turnkey custom kiosks, both for indoor, industrial and outdoor locations.

We offer both kiosks, support, software development and remote monitoring as a customer orientated company, we pride ourselves in both supplying Fortune 500 blue chip companies as well as small and medium sized enterprises.

Our main product lines our

Indoor - Free Standing models T2/T5/T5-D/C3/C4/X5/X6

Indoor - Countertop models T1/C11

Indoor - Wall mounted T3/C3 kyb

Indoor - Large screens T10/T12

Outdoor - Free Standing model T9

Indoor - Multi Functional Kiosk T4
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