KTR Couplings Ltd


For over 50 years KTR has been an innovator in the manufacturing and supply of power transmission components around the world and their portfolio of products are continually growing from strength to strength. KTR Couplings Ltd, opened in 1999 to provide to its existing and future customer base in the UK and Ireland.

  • Highly flexible flange couplings for diesel engines
  • Steel lamina couplings for backlash-free torsionally stiff drives
  • Permanent magnet couplings for contactless torque transmission

KTR’s other areas of expertise include

  • Hydraulic components – including bellhousings, damping elements, oil coolers and tank heaters
  • Steel tanks – either standard off the shelf or bespoke tanks
  • Torque limiters
  • Torque measurement
  • Clamping elements
  • Precision joints
  • Clamping nuts

As well as improving the existing product range, KTR work on over 10,000 new bespoke developments every year with ATEX certification available on a range of products.

Visit KTR at the Drives & Controls Exhibition at Birmingham NEC 8-10 June 2010 in Hall 3, Stand D3406 to see a selection of products from their huge range of over 20,000 couplings and power transmission products.

ROTEX Power Transmission Couplings

ROTEX® couplings are a fail-safe torsionally flexible couplings designed for the transmission of positive torque. Two congruent coupling halves,featuring conclave claws offset from each other by a half pitch, have been designed to allow the inclusion of an involute spider which works to efficiently dampen and reduce shocks and vibration. The crowned teeth of the Rotex spiders are suited to avoid edge pressure associated with the operating of misaligned shafts.
ROTEX® couplings are capable of compensating for axial, radial and angular shaft displacements.

BoWex Power Transmission Couplings

BoWex® Curved-tooth gear couplings® are available in both single and double cardanic designs allowing compensation for varying degrees of axial, radial and angular shaft misalignment. Providing a flexible shaft connection, BoWex® gear couplings are almost free from wear thanks to their curved teeth which are well suited to avoiding edge pressure in the spline which results from angular and radial displacement.

Also, BoWex® couplings do not require any special tools when being assembled vertically or horizontally and are maintenance-free due to material construction involving nylon resulting in low friction of the teeth.

GEARex Power Transmission Couplings

GEARex is a double-cardanic flexible shaft gear coupling with a compact design. Numerous coupling sizes and a torque transmission capability ranging up to 135,000 Nm on shafts with a diameter as great as 276mm means there is a coupling for every size of job.  ATEX approval and compliance with AGMA standards further expands the suitability of GEARex by allowing it to meet all the necessary requirements involved in working within hazardous environments. With a long service life and a high degree of operating safety, GEARex's high torques and overall small dimensions make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications such as pump drives, compressors, use in the steel mill sector, and much more.

Oil Air Coolers - OAC

KTR offer high performance oil and air coolers suitable for hydraulic oil, gear lubricant oil, lubricating oil, motor oil and water-glycine. Fan drives available in 12 V, 24 V, 230 V/ 400 V, as well as hydraulic drives, combine with a compact design, available in eight sizes, ensuring a good fit to any size of job. Typical applications are found in-line with construction machines, hydraulic power packs, agricultural machines, machine tools, hydraulic presses, wind power, rail technology, as well as the iron and steel industry.

Available to be dipped in a new protective KTL coating further broadens the range of OAC applications to include corrosive environments such as marine but also, for example, potassium mines or snow removal without effect on the efficiency of the cooler. Special electric motors are also supplied regarding protection class IP56.

Oil Air Coolers - OPC

As an independent unit, the OPC system was developed specifically for cooling in the bypass flow. Already consisting of an electric motor, fan, cooler, and pump, upon request of the customer, the OPC may be enhanced by the inclusion of a filter as well. Typical applications include machine tools, test benches, elevators, etc.

The OPC is designed around 230 V/ 400V driving motor with protection class IP55 and is suitable to handle hydraulic oil, gear lubricant, and lubrication oil. Featuring low sound pressure levels, plus easy maintenance and cleaning options, the OPC offers a high degree of operational effectiveness.

Oil Air Coolers - MMC

The MMC combined cooler is a new offering from KTR providing great versatility in it’s ability to simultaneously cool water, oil (hydraulic or gear lubricant), and charge/combustion air. The MMC can also be applied as a fuel cooler.

A compact design combined with multi-media facilities result in a vast array of installation options for the MMC with typical applications including mobile construction and agricultural machines as well as stationary I.C.-engines. Reduced space requirements for application mean lower overall cost for your system.


KTR provides a wide range of bellhousings in various sizes and materials to meet your needs. Available in aluminium, steel, cast-iron, and a special nylon material, our bellhousing provide many suitable options to meet your specific needs, with sizes capable of covering the standard range of IEC motor frame. A wide range of hydraulic accessories are also available to accompany our bellhousings.

Aluminium Tank - BAK

Constructed from aluminium material the BAK requires no additional painting. These tanks are produced according to DIN 24346 for no pressure operation and possess good heat loss characteristics due to their high caloric conductibility. All tanks are 100% tight, may be stacked without jamming, and are available with O-ring sealing for stock sizes. A wide range of accessories are offered to accompany KTR's hydraulic tanks.

Steel Tank - BSK

The BSK is made from high-grade steel and finished with a high-quality coating resistant to hydraulic oils on a mineral oil basis. Available with bores for filler and oil-level indicators the BSK also comes with cover machined to customer request. A wide range of accessories are offered to accompany KTR's hydraulic tanks.

Brake Systems

KTR-STOP® is a new braking system from KTR designed for use in the most demanding of environments and applications such as off-shore, surface mining, mining, crane building and wind turbines. The new brake system has been designed around years of involvement with industrial brakes and the result has been a new brake design featuring a high power density, due to lower weight and a more compact design, and is one of the most powerful brakes currently on the market.  KTR-STOP's special design is highly resilient to corrosive environments resulting in a longer service life and lowered operating costs.

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