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Kugel Motion Ltd offer a comprehensive, quality and affordable range of Ball Screw services.  Kugel Motion are specialists in  ballscrew repair, reconditioning, and ballscrew refurbishment which encompasses the associated Linear motion systems such as Linear Actuators and Linear Guides.  Kugel Motion supply new Ball Screws for OEM and MRO markets.      

Kugel Motion offer a ball screw repair and ball screw refurbishment program for your existing Ball Screw assembly.

From our dedicated facility 5mins from J25 of the M1 our engineering team will provide a free of charge assessment, condition report and quotation for your Ballscrews repair or refurbishment. 

In case of machine breakdowns Kugel Motion Ltd offer a 24/7 emergency response - call 07956 555214 and contact one of our engineers.

Kugel Motion supply Ballscrews for OEM, MRO and end users, our extensive knowledge of Ballscrews enables us to supply the best quality Ballscrew for your application at a competitive price.


Ball Screw Repair Services

Kugel Motion offer a Ballscrew repair and refurbishment program for your existing Ball Screw assembly. Our Ball Screw repair department will provide a free of charge Ballscrew repair assessment, condition report and quotation for refurbishment. We will always respect our customers needs and strive for a solution that meets your wants and expectations. Should your Ball Screw assembly be beyond economical repair and refurbishment, Kugel Motion will reverse engineer your existing assembly and offer a new replacement Ball Screw assembly designed to meet or exceed the original specification. Should you wish to seek an alternative quotation for new replacement Ball Screw Kugel Motion can provide a manufacturing drawing/CAD file for your records. Specialists in Ballscrews assembly, Ballscrew repair and refurbishment. All repaired and refurbished Ball Screws are supplied with Certificate of Conformity and full 12 month warranty

New Ball Screws

Kugel Motion offer a complete selection of OEM Ball Screw assemblies, from 4mm to 160mm diameter and up to 7000mm length. Ballscrews are available in five different accuracy grades according to the ISO standard. Applications include machine tools, special purpose and general machinery as well as assemblies for use in special environments, such as medical and aerospace.  Ballscrew assemblies supplied by Kugel Motion are manufactured in ISO 9001/2008 accredited facilities.  We believe the quality of our Ball Screw assemblies starts with design and continues though selection of correct materials and manufacturing processes, we work closely with our customers and if required can offer applications and related technical advice. Kugel Motion engineers use their knowledge of Ball Screw manufacturing to ensure the needs of our customers are met with an individual solution to meet even the most demanding applications.

Nook E-900l and Nook Industries Products

Kugel Motion offers a range of Nook Industries products, including Nook E-900L ball screw lubricant from stock held in the UK. Kugel Motion supplies both inch and metric, mechanical and electro-mechanical actuators, assemblies and components, from Nook Industries to suit your Nook specific application including:
- Modular Linear Actuators, Ball Screw, Roller Screw, Acme Screw, and Lead Screw Assemblies,
- Ball Splines, End Bearing Supports,
- Worm Gear Screw Jacks
- Electric Cylinder Actuators
- Pillow Blocks

Lead Screws, Trapezoidal Lead Screws and Nuts

Kugel Motion offer an extensive range of lead screws including:
- ISO metric trapezoidal lead screws
- Imperial Acme lead screws
- Imperial stub Acme lead screws
Nuts in both standard and special sizes on request in both large or small batch quantities.

High Performance Satellite Roller Screws

Kugel Motion is pleased to announce a partnership with Creative Motion Control to provide high load, precision linear motion products using a range of high performance satellite roller screws. Satellite roller screws are able to take higher loads than conventional ball screws, and are an ideal substitution technology for pneumatic, hydraulic and heavy load applications, providing a highly accurate position, with increased stiffness at a lower total cost over the life of the unit. Moving to this technology lowers maintenance costs, removes the need for environmental safety measures and reduces the total operating costs through energy efficiency savings.

Through extensive testing at our partners CMC, and through the rigorous ‘real-world’ testing by customers has proven that the Creative Motion Control High-performance Roller Screws continually exceed the published dynamic load capacities of other Roller Screws by as much as 25%.
For an example of how this effects the capacity and life of your unit, see the load capacity of the standard design at a given pitch diameter by viewing the Load vs Pitch Diameter chart.
The High-Performance Roller Screw (HRS) is highly efficient. Standard configurations run at average efficiencies of up to 97% which meets and most often exceeds that of planetary roller screws. This significantly exceeds the efficiencies of any other competitive technologies (hydraulics, pneumatics, ball screws, recirculating roller screws). There are significant operational differences between a CMC roller screw and a ball screw. Most importantly, the roughly 400% increase in contact points in our roller screw result in higher load capacity, longer life and greater shock resistance. This dispersion of force enables CMC roller screws to outperform precision ground ball screws in load/life performance by roughly 15 times. With a CMC roller screw your entire assembly can be much smaller, lighter and more cost effective to produce, thereby directly improving your bottom line.

Linear Guides and Slideways

Kugel Motion offers a complete selection of linear rail and carriages suitable for your application. Features of Kugel Motion linear guides include smooth running with low friction and reduced noise, four way equal loading, low centre of gravity and compact design ensure high rigidity and long life.
Our products are dimensionally interchangeable with other leading manufacturers.

Precision Bearings

Kugel Motion supply all types of precision bearings including:
Thrust Bearings, Roller Bearings and self aligning bearings
We have access to a world wide ball bearing database, and specialise in hard-to-find and specialist ball bearings.
Should your bearing be found to be obsolete we are able to reverse engineer a suitable replacement for your application.

Ball Screw End Support Units and Pillow Blocks

Kugel Motion offers a complete range of Ball Screw and Lead Screw end supports. Ball Screw supports are designed to withstand high axial loads; all supports are fitted with high quality bearings and supplied with lock nuts and seals. If the ball screw support that suits your application cannot be found on this page please contact us and we will source a product that suits your requirement.

Ball Screw Design

Our engineers have a wealth of experience, and are ready to provide you with the best advice and most suitable products for your specific application. We can often diagnose, fault find and recommend remedial action over the telephone with the machinery in-situ, without the need for immediate machine disassembly.

With CAD facilities we are able to engineer the most appropriate cost-effective solution for your application.
We are able to act as 'customer friends' when our customers are procuring or having new machinery designed. In this function, we can act as an independent reviewer to ensure that you receive the best and most cost effective solution for your application.

Commitment to Quality

Kugel Motion has achieved the internationally recognised ISO9001:2008, establishing it as one of the leaders in its field.

This independent assessment was conducted by the leading Certification Body, the British Assessment Bureau and demonstrates Kugel Motion’s commitment to customer service and quality in delivery.

Kugel Motion has now earned the right to display the coveted British Assessment Bureau ISO9001:2008 certification mark to demonstrate its conformance to the standard.

ISO 9001 was first introduced in 1987 and requires organisations to demonstrate that they do what they say they do and that they have a quality management system in place to ensure consistency and improvement; leading to high levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Certified organisations are committed to continuous improvement and are assessed annually to ensure progress is being maintained.

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