Kunststoff- und Farben-GmbH


Our fields of activity and products:
• acrylic recycling
• polycarbonate recycling
• acrylic fine grinding
• MMA resins production
• polymerisation of acrylate monomers
• contract manufacturing
• MMA reactive adhesive
• MMA laminating resin for orthopaedics
• MMA floor coating compound

The company KFG was founded in 1973, acrylic recycling started in 1980. In the meantime, about 30 long-time employees produce per year up to 2000 tons acrylic grist for depolymerisation, 3000 tons chemically defined acrylic fine material for acrylic ceramics (kitchen sinks and decor plates), for BMC (auto headlights casings), as pore-forming agent for grinding wheels and as blasting abrasive for the aircraft industry. There is more than a dozen of grinding plants and extruders for the processing procedure available by now. Furthermore, we run a polymerisation plant for high-quality acrylate polymers.

Kunststoff- und Farben-GmbH

There are tank facilities for 150 tons acrylate monomers available in order to produce liquid products, like laminating resins for carbon or glass fibre reinforced orthopaedic parts, plastic adhesives (patent application DE 10 2012 108 950.7) and MMA PU coating compound for cold rooms, joint sealings, membranes for motorway bridge (patent application 10 2009 024 452 A1). As recycling company we are constantly interested in purchasing the following PMMA materials:
• plates cutting residues/remnants
• sprues or flawed parts of injection moulding
• delivery material (chunks or strands)
• grist • granules or pearl polymers (off spec or remnants), agglomerates
• sifted material, chippings

Moreover, we utilize polycarbonate cutting residues and injection moulding materials. We purchase from whole Europa and overseas.

Our products: acrylic recycling, acrylic resins, coating resins, plastic powders, laminating resins, acrylate pressure, sensitive adhesives, orthopaedic supplies, methyl-methacrylate (mma), adhesives, recycling of plastics, resins for adhesives

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