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K.V.Rollers Ltd is an ISO 9001 registered. company committed to providing roller products of exceptional, and repeatable, consistency to customers throughout the world.

Our business has been built by providing customers with products they need, when they need them, to precise and exacting standards.

Customer Service plays a critical role in our commitment to all clients. Whether it is one roller or ten thousand we believe in giving the same high level of dedication to all.

K.V.Rollers has continued to grow within the rubber roller market. This growth has been fuelled by considerable investment in a "state of the art" production facility, high technology production solutions, and a well equipped  development Laboratory.

About Us

KV Rollers is one of the largest roller companies in the UK. We are a well established company supported by a management and workforce with the skills, experience and expertise to provide full customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide the very best products and services to users of rollers across all business and industry sectors.

To achieve this aim we have invested in state of the art production units directly controlled by a process laboratory with the latest technology and testing equipment, together with a dedicated R&D laboratory.

Our continuing commitment to invest in modern technology and machinery ensures we have the flexibility and rapid response necessary to meet customer needs, as well as the capacity to match increasing demand.

Our extensive manufacturing facilities include, in addition to the laboratory and R&D facilities, a comprehensive Rubber Manufacturing Plant; PTFE/FEP Sleeving area; Engineering - for roller base production and repairs; Polyurethane manufacturing and extensive machinery for roller covering and finishing - including cambers, grooving and special finishes.

It is a reflection of our dedication and quality that over half of our business is supplying brand new rollers to Original Equipment Manufacturers, whose machines are exported throughout the world. Our customer base ranges from small one-man printers to some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world. Our products are exported world-wide, with USA being our largest export market.

The quality of our product in the market place is one of the paramount reasons for our success.

About Us

Key Products

  • Various Engineered Components (Full CNC Capabilities)
  • Roller Core Manufacture.
  • PTFE/FEP Sleeving.
  • RILSAN® FINE POWDER coating (Nylon 11).
  • Polyurethane Casting.

Rubber Covered Rollers Supplied For All Leading Presses.

  • Exchange/Recover/Consignment.
  • Compounds formulated to suit both UV and conventional ink systems.
  • Compounds suitable for combined UV and conventional systems
  • Low alcohol dampening systems.
  • Brush and sponge rollers.
  • We also supply a full range of -
  • Laser engraveable compounds in hardness's up to 85 Shore D.

RILSAN® Mark and Logo exclusively belong to Arkema.

Key Products

Rubber Rollers

KV Rollers operates a fully integrated production operation from the manufacture of metal stocks and rubber compound through to finished rollers. In our extensively equipped laboratory new compounds are developed and batches mixed on laboratory mills for testing prior to scale up for production prototypes.

Rubber Rollers

Once batches are fully approved production occurs in our own rubber plant under strict quality control. Over 300 formulations of rubber specifically for roller coverings are produced within the rubber plant. The rubber plant includes dispensing areas, mixing mills, calenders and extruding equipment. Every batch is tested and approved by our laboratory before release for production.

Our modern production area is comprehensively equipped for covering, curing, grinding, grooving and finishing rollers and includes an FEP/Teflon sleeving area which uses our own unique bonding systems. We also have a separate department dedicated to the coating of Rollers and other metal parts in RILSAN® FINE POWDER coating.

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