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KWI specialises in the design and installation of water treatment systems for industrial and municipal applications. We are worldwide leaders in water treatment systems and biological treatment. We use unique equipment and technology to incorporate dissolved air floatation technology.

We pride ourselves in providing unrivaled and cost-effective liquid separation solutions. We provide high quality technical and maintenance back up services with agents, distributors and branches throughout the world. 

Klaricell RJ

Our Klaricell RJ system is available in 11 sizes to suit flows from 120 to 1480m3/hr. It uses dissolved air flotation and sand filtration clarifier systems to give excellent filtered water quality. 

The Klaricell RJ has applications including:

  • Surface water treatment to potable quality
  • Algae removal from water streams for municipal or industrial use
  • Process water preparation
  • Process water recycling
  • Heavy metals removal (Cd, Ni)
  • Tertiary treatment
Klaricell RJ


We supply the Unicell in 10 sizes from 12 to 170 m3/hr, fabricated with a conical or flat bottom. The Unicell has a basic concept using strong mechanical components with high retention time and a special hydraulic design operates without the need for chemicals.

The Unicell system is suitable for applications including:

  • Oil and fats removal without chemical treatment.
  • Food industry effluents with high solids concentration.
  • Sludge thickening.


We provide the Minicell system in 10 sizes from 16 to 450m3/hr. The tank and construction can be adapted to a variety of applications and effluent types, with or without chemicals. Our Minicell has excellent performance and is designed for use on small flows and is competitively priced.

 Its applications include:

  • Excess biological sludge clarification and thickening before further de-watering for small installations - excellent application in case of biological phosphorous removal. This reduce also the polymer consumption in the sludge de-watering system.
  • Industrial effluents from the food industry in combination with chemical treatment.
  • Industrial low flow effluents. 

KS Filter

We supply the KS Filter in eight sizes from 1.5 to 7 m2 filtration area with a 1 m or 2 m deep sand filter. Our KS Filter uses a simple and maintenance free operation, providing excellent filtered water quality using a double backwash device.

Our flexible and reliable system is suitable for applications including:

  • Surface water treatment to potable quality.
  • Tertiary treatment. Process water preparation.
  • Process water recycling.
  • Algae removal.
KS Filter

Megacell V

We supply simple Megacell V units in eight sizes for flows from 100 to 1250 m3/ hr. Our Megacell V uses patent technology and U shaped elements to provide extremely low footprint versus flow-rate. 

The system is ideal for applications including: 

  • White water clarification and fibre recovery in the paper industry.
  • Clarification of de-inking effluents.
  • Clarification of industrial effluents in combination with physical-chemical treatment.
Megacell V

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