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Pickering Perforated Products has been at the forefront of perforating technology and the manufacturing of perforated products for over 70 years. With a track record of high quality products, innovative solutions and exceptional levels of customer service, we have established ourselves as one of Europe's leading perforators.

We perforate metal coil and blanks and manufacture perforated and expanded metal tubes and related sub assemblies in low and high volumes.

Spiral lock seamed tubes

We have an extensive range of tooling to manufacture spiral lock seamed tubes from 25mm up to 150mm. Tubes can be perforated to give a greater open area and corrugated for extra strength.

The benefits of this type of tube include:

- Cost efficiency

- Slotting and tube making in one process

- Stronger tube construction using thinner materials

- Compatability with wide variety of stock materials

We can offer  production capacity to accommodate all requirements, from pre-production samples to high volume runs.

Tube Manufacture

Tubes can be formed in variety of ways to meet the needs of different applications. We can cut/roll/join, or roll/join/cut dependent on specification. PPP offers both automated and manual tube forming dependent on volumes and specification.

PPP is one of europe's leading manufacturer of filter cores, filter tubes, filter cartridge cores and strainers.

Tubes can be jointed using the following methods:

Overlapping & Spot Welding
Butt Joints
Lock Seam Joints
Spiral Lock Seaming
Roll Form Lock Seam (cartridge cores)

Tube Length: tubes up to 2m are routinely manufactured (subject to material & joint specification)

Tube Diameter: tubes diameter is almost limitless (subject to material & joint specification)

Perforated strip in coil

Perforating Patterns & Expanded Metal
A Wide Choice of Perforated and Expanded Metal Patterns & Sizes

Pickering Perforated Products is able to perforate a wide range of materials, in a wide range of sizes, with a wide range of hole shapes, sizes and layout patterns to meet ISO / EN specifications or bespoke solutions. Popular hole patterns include for filter cores, filter tubes, strainers, security screens, acoustic panels and decorative finishes.

We also manufacture tubing and sub assemblies using a range of expanded metal.

Most Popular Metal Gauges – 0.2mm to 3.0mm

Most Popular Perforated hole shapes – Round, Square/Rectangle, Round End Slot

Most Popular Hole Sizes – 2mm to 50mm

Maximum width Coil to Coil or Coil to Blank – 615mm

Materials perforated include: mild steel, galvanised steel, zintec coated steel, powder coated steel, painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper & some plastics.

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