L Squared Lasers

The L Squared staff have been working with lasers for a combination of over 25 years, of which they have over 15 years experience of working very closely in the laser engraving sector.

L Squared lasers, operate state of the art laser engraving machinery, this method of marking involves a beam of intense light focussed to a very small point to cause a permanent mark to the surface of metallic & non-metallic materials. The beam of light can either be used to surface heat the material, effectively annealing a very small area, or to actually vaporize the material leaving a deep mark on the surface. The beam of light is controlled by very high speed computer controlled mirrors.

Because there is no physical contact with the part there is virtually no stress caused to it , this can be very important to the Aerospace, Medical & Automotive industries. The quality & repeatability of laser marking is second to none, many surfaces are suitable for laser engraving.

L Squared Lasers Overview