La Polenteria

La Polenteria is an international and unique restaurant renown for rejuvenating polenta, a traditional dish, by giving it a cosmopolitan and modern twist!

Polenta is a concept, not just a matter of food! 

In its general sense, of cereals reduced to dust and cooked in water, is one of the more archaic forms of maintenance common to every civilization of the World.

Polenta’s name was originally derived from puls /pulmentum, an ancient Roman dish usually made from a primitive form of wheat flour. 

In its early stage, it was the predecessor of bread as we know it today. But along time the main ingredient suffered modification: from various grains and beans flours, to buckwheat and later on to corn. It was not made from corn until hundreds of year later, corn itself being introduced to Europe around 1650.

If we follow the ancient making process of Polenta, cooking it creates a moment of joy for the entire family. The cornmeal was sprinkled in the boiling water from a round copper pot (Paiolo in Italian) hanging over the fire in an open fire place.

Therefore, La Polenteria offers you a fresh, memorable and an original dining experience through quality ingredients, innovative menu and great service.

La Polenteria Overview