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The Carl Stuart Group was founded in 1984 by Stuart and Gillian Smith. From a small beginning our business has grown to encompass many services and products, covering different market sectors and geographical regions. The focus of our business, however, remains the same. We are a customer orientated company and strive to meet and exceed your expectations in everything we do.

As our portfolio grew we decided to present and promote our product and technical service offerings under distinct brands.  The Laboratory instrumentation, consumables and technical & integration services are promoted under Lab Unlimited.

The Lab Unlimited product portfolio offers laboratory/analytical products from more than four hundred leading manufacturers. A substantial part of this offering is published on this very site. We also produce a printed catalogue that can be requested by emailing us.

Get Trihalomethane Measurements in 30 minutes

Get Trihalomethane Measurements in 30 minutes

The THM Analyzer is vital for drinking water safety and compliance. It can, in a matter of minutes, display the Trihalomethane concentration in water, thus making sure that the water is suitable and safe for drinking.

Designed with the expertise from Water Industry end users and specialists, the Parker THM Analyzer is a cost effective approach to the monitorization of water disinfection by-products.

Why is it SO Unique?

The THM Analyzer performs a 30 minute analysis, without the need for tedious sample preparation, right at your plant or facility. With an integrated purge and trap gas chromatograph system, it will help to optimise water treatment, evaluate water age and ultimately improve your control over the formation of THMs.

It also comes with a powerful software which provides better understanding and use of THM measurements and data analysis. The status panel operator interface is very intuitive and user-friendly. It displays measurement progress during an analysis cycle and then displays the measured concentration levels for individual and total THM.

Also, Parker’s THM Analyzer is fully portable. Its rugged, light and compact design allows him to be easily moved and carried around (carrying case available).

What's the difference between the On-line and the benchtop THM Analyzer?

The on-line version does not require operator interaction. Once set up, regular sample analysis will occur automatically regardless of where the analyzer is installed.

The Parker on-line THM Analyzer features a more robust enclosure to allow installation right at the process or distribution point of interest. Through SCADA interaction (Supervisory control and data acquisition) the operator can remotely, and safely, determine when and how often the analysis is performed.

How does it Work?

The THM analyser is quite simple to use and does not require any expensive and time consuming sample preparation or off-site analysis.
Simply collect a sample and connect it to the analyzer sparging system. Push the start button to begin the measurement cycle and you will see the individual and total THM information displayed clearly on the touchscreen and laptop display. 

Not only do you get access to the THM concentration information, but you will be able to view other analytical results as well. Such as measured concentration and detailed chromatography data which are automatically archived for future review. 
You can also transfer the data to other software packages for more detailed trending analysis of THM information.

This application note about Anglian Water and the Parker Hannifin’s fast drinking water analyzer is a great example of how the THM can help optimise water treatment.

Does it suit my Application?

The Trihalomethane Analyzer can be used in many places where THM water testing is key, e.g., Local Water Plants, Universities, Beverage Plants, amongst others.

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