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The Carl Stuart Group was founded in 1984 by Stuart and Gillian Smith. From a small beginning our business has grown to encompass many services and products, covering different market sectors and geographical regions. The focus of our business, however, remains the same. We are a customer orientated company and strive to meet and exceed your expectations in everything we do.

As our portfolio grew we decided to present and promote our product and technical service offerings under distinct brands.  The Laboratory instrumentation, consumables and technical & integration services are promoted under Lab Unlimited.

The Lab Unlimited product portfolio offers laboratory/analytical products from more than four hundred leading manufacturers. A substantial part of this offering is published on this very site. We also produce a printed catalogue that can be requested by emailing us.

Think Possible with BioTek

Think Possible with BioTek

Lab Unlimited is pleased to show BioTek Instruments - global leader in life science instrumentation - as part of our product portfolio.

BioTek adds their 50+ years expertise and know-how with a wide selection of high performance, cost-effective products ranging from Microplate Readers, Micro-Volume Plates, Microplate Washers and Microplate Imager & Reader Software. 

Similar to Lab Unlimited, BioTek has the customer at the core of their mission, so they strive to develop fresh, original solutions that satisfy customer needs, even before the need is known.

With systems and solutions that bring innovation and efficiency to your lab, we stand by the BioTek slogan: Think Possible. It’s the difference between leading and following.

Check out our website for more information on the BioTek range of instrumentation we have available:

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