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The Carl Stuart Group was founded in 1984 by Stuart and Gillian Smith. From a small beginning our business has grown to encompass many services and products, covering different market sectors and geographical regions. The focus of our business, however, remains the same. We are a customer orientated company and strive to meet and exceed your expectations in everything we do.

As our portfolio grew we decided to present and promote our product and technical service offerings under distinct brands.  The Laboratory instrumentation, consumables and technical & integration services are promoted under Lab Unlimited.

The Lab Unlimited product portfolio offers laboratory/analytical products from more than four hundred leading manufacturers. A substantial part of this offering is published on this very site. We also produce a printed catalogue that can be requested by emailing us.

Total Algae Sensor: Monitor Harmful Algal Blooms

Total Algae Sensor: Monitor Harmful Algal Blooms

Harmful algal blooms (or HABs) are becoming more frequent, intense, and are now seen by many as a public threat. For this reason, now more than ever, water quality monitors and managers need reliable tools that can help them monitor, reduce, and manage the impacts of harmful algal blooms.

Why is the Total Algae Sensor (TAL) from YSI the Right Tool to Fight Harmful Algal Blooms?

They help with early detection by allowing easy collection of data on blue-green algae for data analysis with consideration of weather conditions as well as other important parameters.

Built for the field, this sensor features welded titanium construction and military-specification connectors which are ideal for rugged conditions. Similar to other smart sensors, the TAL sensor has onboard memory, processing, and allows for sensor-zeroing to be performed on-site.

Main Features:

Detect the onset of an algae bloom as early as possible to plan your response
Support a rational approach for the collection of samples for other laboratory analyses, saving you time and money
Understand the seasonal and weather-related patterns of algae growth in your system
Understand the relevance of other parameters like pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature

There are two sensors available:

The Total Algae-Phycoerythrin (TAL-PE) for saltwater, used for monitoring marine cyanobacteria and the Total Algae-Phycocyanin (TAL-PC) a dual-channel fluorescence-based sensor, perfect for monitoring freshwater cyanobacteria. Bot are ideal for early detection of blue-green algae that could lead to harmful algal blooms.

The Total Algae sensor is ideal for applications like beach monitoring, vertical or horizontal profiling, and source water monitoring for potentially toxic algae – especially when paired with the ProDSS multiparamter system or the EXO sondes.

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