We supply sheeted labels directly from our manufacturing and warehouse facilities and can save our customers up to 70 percent on sheeted labels and deliver them the next day.

Our sheeted labels are available in nearly 100 differing sizes and are manufactured for compatibility with laser, inkjet and copier machines. Our labels are also heat resistant. When used with a high quality backing paper, the label remains flat for easy printing. 

A4 Sheeted Labels

Our labels are A4 sheeted labels and are designed with permanent adhesive to allow adhesion to corrugated materials such as plastics and paper.

The face paper for A4 sheeted labels are selected to provide outstanding contrast and toner fusion. All of our A4 labels are available as die cut or butt cut and in a diversity of sizes.


Labels4U is located in Whaley Bridge in the Peak District. Labels4U provides A4 labels in fan folded varieties and provides a wealth of bespoke label solutions.

Labels 4U cater for the dairy and food markets, the multimedia industry and office and computer sectors. We have an extensive range of presses available including web flexo, UV letterpresses and offset litho presses. Labels4U also has special in house coating capabilities for water based and hot melt acrylic adhesives.

Bespoke A4 Labels

As systems advance and production processes become more complex the demand for bespoke A4 labels increases. We meet these needs and work with Stampiton Labels Ltd to offer a range of unique solutions.

Together, we invest in converting machinery and printing technology to produce bespoke A4 labels in any size, colour and shape or in a wide combination of materials. We can include up to six different colours onto one paper in a variety of synthetic materials.

Fanfold Labels

Our comprehensive range of computer labels includes fanfold labels. These are manufactured to the highest quality standard using our own coated materials.

We can produce fanfold labels in an array of sizes with a high level of cutting precision and backing paper and face paper are selected to absorb all types of toner and ink. They also ensure a consistent printing even on high speed printing applications.

Chemical Warning Labels

We have a range of synthetic materials suited to chemical warning labels with an aggressive hot melt adhesive suitable for adhering to a wide range of plastic and HDPE drums.

We can produce chemical warning labels using a vast range of materials to suit any application and for any weather.

Dairy Labelling

Our coating experience has led us to develop a range of sophisticated laminates to meet the needs of the dairy industry. Dairy labelling requires high speed dairy labelling and bottling lines.

The unique backing material on these labels is extremely strong and has higher machine productivity.

CD and DVD Label Products

Our CD and DVD label products are manufactured to the highest quality standards for a range of DVD and CD labelling solutions and applications.

Our CD and DVD label products are finished to a high standard to ensure for trouble-free use.

Business Cards

We design and produce range of bespoke business cards to match a wealth of needs and requirements.

Our business cards can be designed by you using a computer and using our business card products.

Photo Paper

Our photo paper is a photographic quality, gloss or matt coated finished paper to produce superb photographic printing.

Photo paper is available in dry peel and self adhesive types. It is suitable for printing photos with inkjet printers. 

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