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Labman automation make bespoke automation systems for laboratories and factories all over the world. Our skilled and dedicated staff of around thirty people develop, build, and install these systems for any number of applications.

Labman consults, designs and builds world leading platforms using state-of-the-art components and technologies, which are best suited for each individual application. This allows Labman to constantly innovate and incorporate new technologies as they emerge to give a competitive edge or develop new automated techniques and instrumentation for our customers

Labman designs and manufactures complete robotic solutions for Compound Storage and Retrieval, Weighing and Labelling, High Throughput Screening, High Throughput DNA purification (up to 200 plates/day), Analytical Sample Preparation and Analysis (HPLC, LC/MS, FTIR, GC/MS) for Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology Labs, Chemistry Labs, Mining Labs, Water Industry Labs and others.

Bespoke Systems

The following are just some examples of previous bespoke systems:

Weighing System: In many fields there are often requirements for weighing. These range from standalone weighing systems to a weighing step within a process. Labman Automation has built many weighing systems that fall into both of these categories. We also have several in house weighing systems which may be subcontracted.
Labman has, over the years, produced a number of tare weighing robots to suit different consumable types. Each robot is usually designed to meet a specific requirement that cannot be obtained 'off the shelf', typical custom specifications include:

  • Ability to label the consumables with user specified data fields
  • Ability to read barcodes for associating tube weights
  • Output data files in a custom format e.g. database, text file, Excel file
  • Multiple consumable sizes within the same system
  • Footprint of the robot configured to suit the environment e.g. bench top, free standing, fume cupboard


Powder Feeding:
Many laboratories and workplaces are involved in the manual sampling and handling of powders. Such industries may be companies needing to dispense powder solids (and add liquids - such as in high throughput product making and testing), soil analysis (such as building sites), mining companies (flux and ore samples), plant samples in laboratories, food stuffs or metals.
Labman can fully or partially automate these processes to cut costs and improve throughput by working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have developed many techniques and pieces of equipment that allow different powders to be fed at different rates and tolerances. Please contact Labman to find out how we can help!

BOD Systems

Labman produce a range of systems for analysing the Biological Oxygen Demand of water samples. The systems range from the budget conscious Mini system to the feature packed Maxi system, further information on the product range is available upon request.
The robots will automatically remove the cap from the BOD bottle, top up the bottle with seeded dilution water, take an initial DO reading and replace the cap. The process is repeated (with exception of the top up) after the incubation period to give the final DO reading allowing the BOD value to be calculated. If ATU addition is required for nitrification inhibition then this is available as an optional extra and is added to the bottle using a syringe pump for accuracy. The amount of ATU added is user definable for each sample. The system is able to cope with both common methods for seeding the sample; use of effulent which is added to the dilution reservoir by the operator before starting a run or the system can dispense a Polyseed solution directly into the bottle using a syringe pump.
The BOD systems will connect to any LIMS with a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) text file interface. The integrated CSV editor in the robot software will allow you to tailor the CSV file structure to ensure that it is correctly processed by your LIMS.
An ultrasonic liquid level detector is used to accurately determine the top up volume of the sample bottle when adding dilution water. This removes many of the common problems seen with optical or conductive sensors such as splashes due to the sensor being non-contact and much further away from the water.
Options include; dual arms for processing twice the number of bottles at the same time, ATU addition, Polyseed addition, barcode reading, sub-sampling from the original source bottle, any combination of physical chemistry tests.

Labman AutoZONE OEM Gantry

Labman produce not only complete bespoke turnkey systems but also a whole range of OEM units. One such unit is the Synbiosis AutoZONE XY gantry.

Main Features:

  • Capacity for integration into a 21 CFR Part 11 environment to achieve GLP and GMP compliance
  • 64 zone bioassay plate work envelope
  • 0.5mm accuracy
  • Bench top mounted

Micronic Tube Autopick 96

Micronic Tube Autopick96

Forget those tweezers and frustrating moments when trying to pick tubes from a Micronic rack. The Autopick96 has arrived allowing easy access to those fiddly tubes!
The Autopick96 tube selector is a bench top device and is very easy to use with the provided software. The tube selector can be used to easily select between 1 and 8 Micronic tubes from a rack by pushing them up so they stand proud of the other tubes. The tubes can also be selected in a specific order if this is required.
The tube picker even works with racks that have been in cryogenic storage.
An RS232 protocol allows easy integration into 3rd party software or sample tracking systems.

Micronic Tube Capping Tool

The Labman micronic capper is a handheld 8 channel capping tool. Caps are picked from a standard micronic rack and screwed onto the micronic tubes in sets of eight. Each cap tip has a slip clutch to control the torque for the correct cap tightness. The tool can swivel to allow the user to adjust the power switch position or to suit left and right handed users. The power lead can be left plugged in during use or the tool will operate with it's own.

Plant Grinder Evaluation System

The plant grinding concept used in the Michigan Plant Grinder System and the Max Plank Cryo-grinder system is novel and should be tested with each material and process before a system is purchased. Labman has manufactured an evaluation unit which can be loaned for testing with your samples. The grinder requires no special training or expertise to operate.

Plant Leaf Cutter and Well Plate Loader

Labman built a multi-bladed cutting block which is mounted on a stand and integrated with a set of vacuum pads. Leaf material (e.g. wheat leaf) is clipped onto the block and with a swing of the lever the knives cut the sections which are held by the vacuum pads. In a second action these cut sections are lowered onto agar and released so that, in under 20 seconds, a full set of 24 perfectly sized leaf sections are loaded onto the agar plate. This process is commonly used as part of mould and leaf disease studies for fungicide development.

TIDAS Paint Analysis

Developed by Huntsman Tioxide and Labman Automation Ltd the TIDAS unit allows the degree of dispersion of pigment in a paint film to be determined objectively. The unit has the ability to electronically capture images of the state of dispersion for quality assurance or product improvement purposes.
Sold worldwide and recently upgraded; the new TIDAS features:

  • USB interface
  • Windows Vista compatible
  • Reduced footprint
  • Automated draw-down option

Variable Radius Vortexer

For stiff mixing challenges Labman have designed and developed a heavy duty vortexer. The vortexer is capable of sample weights upto 10kg. The mixing profile including speed, direction and acceleration can be set to allow optimisation for particular materials. The unique aspect of this vortexer is that the radius can be modified manually. A variable radius is required if a variety of different sample containers are to be used. Labman have manufactured this vortexer for stand-alone manual use or for integration into a larger automated system.

Main Features
  • Speeds from 0-2500rpm
  • Vortexing radius 1-10mm
  • Sample weight 10kg max
  • Controlled from a PC
  • Heating and cooling options available

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