Labtex Ltd

We are a specialist laboratory equipment and process chemistry equipment solutions provider.

We provide a wide range of world class laboratory equipment, we are specialist providers of reaction systems, baths and circulators and have expertise in research and process development across a wide range of industries and disciplines. We pride ourselves on our customer service, quick response, accurate and informed advice and attention to detail.

  1. Aspiration Systems

    Aspiration Systems
    For professionally aspirating and disposing of liquids in biochemistry, microbiology and cellular culture technology a proven system solution is available with all of the necessary accessories. This BioChem-VacuuCenter BVC NT system includes: * integrated chemistry diaphragm pump (not at BVC 01) * automatic vacuum control * autoclavable collecting bottle (4 l) with hydrophobic protection filter 0.2 µm * ergonomic and versatile suction controller, with port for optional second controller
  2. Bath Circulators Refrigerated

    Bath Circulators Refrigerated
    Combinations of immersion circulators and insulated refrigeration baths are a low-cost solutions for direct thermoregulation for the temperature range -20/-30 °C to 200 °C. The refrigeration baths operate with natural refrigerants. A pump adapter (optional) can be fitted for thermoregulation of externally closed and externally open applications (with optional level control). Models with the Pilot ONE have a variable speed pressure/suction pump and are suitable for externally open thermoregulation applications. The temperature stability is 0,02 K for the Compatible Control models and 0,05 K for the MPC models.
  3. Baths Thermostatic

    Baths Thermostatic
    Compatible Control Circulators Compatible Control Circulators are modern classics. Plug & Play technology has spread throughout the world since 1980. The circulators are split into two product lines, the Compatible Control models and the simpler MPC models. Both product lines represent classically constructed laboratory circulators with open baths. Baths and circulators for heating applications up to +300 °C are available, as well as models for heating and cooling applications from -90 °C to +200 °C. Immersion or bridge circulators are suitable for thermal control of existing baths. The Ministat, the smallest cooling and heating circulator in the world, is the first choice for operation in fume-hoods or integrating into systems. Compatible Control circulators are classic constructions. The pump, control sensor, heater and evaporator are all located at the back part of the bath. This allows the use of both, optional calibration inserts for high precision calibration and also displacement inserts for increasing system temperature dynamics. MPC-circulators waive the advantages of Plug & Play technology and are therefore a low cost alternative to the Pilot ONE.
  4. Bench Check Weighing Scale GBK M

    Bench Check Weighing Scale GBK M
    The GBK M offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting application with fully selectable sample or unit weight. Built tough for a variety of industries the GBK M can meet the demands of warehouse, production floor or even medical applications.
  5. Bench Check Weighing Scales CBK M

    Bench Check Weighing Scales CBK M
    Bench Check Weighing Scales CBK M Reliable performance, durable construction and versatility make the CBK unmatched for value in industrial weighing. Serving a variety of applications the CBK includes basic weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting. Full featured and easy-to-use, the CBK is the right choice for industry when flexibility matters.
  6. Bench Counting Scale GBC

    Bench Counting Scale GBC
    The GBC is a fully featured counting scale with numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry. The bright large backlit display shows unit weight, total weight and number of pieces. A grade 304 stainless steel top pan with mild steel base and pillar mounted ABS plastic indicator, make the GBC a durable industrial floor counting scale.
  7. Bench Counting Scales CBC M

    Bench Counting Scales CBC M
    Accurate, fast and versatile, the CBC M Counting scales are suitable for most industrial applications.
  8. Buchner Filter Rings

    Buchner Filter Rings
    Our range of Buchner filter rings ensure safe and efficient vacuum filtration. Each ring ensures flask stability and a vacuum tight seal when performing filtration tasks. Our rings a suitable for vessels with neck sizes of approximately 24 - 60 mm diameter and come in sets of 5 or individually.
  9. Buchner Rings

    Buchner Rings
    Buchner Rings help efficient and safe vacuum filtration. Vacuum filtration is a technique for separating a solid product from a solvent or liquid reaction mixture. The mixture of solid and liquid is poured through a filter paper in a Buchner funnel. The solid is trapped by the filter and the liquid is drawn through the funnel into the flask below, by a vacuum. Labtex Buchner Rings ensure a vacuum tight seal and flask stability when performing filtration on the bench. Profiled natural compound rubber rings (60 shore) for use with Buchner funnels, flasks, glass crucibles and gooch crucibles. The wide flange and large surface contact ensures an excellent vacuum tight seal whilst the rings are easy to remove and offer excellent support to even the largest funnels. These substantial rubber mouldings are designed for long life and durability. Labtex Buchner rings can be used with any vessels with neck sizes between approximately 24 and 60 mm diameter and are available individually or as a set of 5.
  10. Cabinets For Acids And Alkalis

    Cabinets For Acids And Alkalis
    The cabinets for acids and alkalis offer maximum safety for the storage of aggressive hazardous materials. Two separated storage compartments with integrated drawers, allow the safe storage and removal of hazardous materials. These cabinets are not suitable for the storage of flammable liquids!