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Since 1936 Ladbrook Manufacturing has been setting the standard for British innovation and engineering. From our base in Norfolk we cover the whole of the UK and beyond with a reputation built on partnership, client service, quality and delivery.

In response to changing technologies and markets Ladbrook Manufacturing has diversified the type of service and processes we offer. Additional engineering disciplines, like Metal Spinning and Metal Fabrication have been a natural progression for substantial investment to further enhance and compliment the Ladbrook Manufacturing core business of Metal Pressing.

This change in service strategy has attracted additional clients looking for a more comprehensive product offering and has naturally seen both our workforce and plant increase dramatically. Whilst at the same time we’ve ensured ALL of our clients still receive the highest standards of service and quality.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is a specialist manufacturing process used to produce conical and cylindrical shapes for use in a wide range of industries, such as Automotive, Water heating, Medical and Architectural.

A Brief Description of the Metal Spinning process -
A flat metal disc that’s loaded in to the machine.
This disc is clamped against the Metal Spinning former.
Both the former and blank are rotated at a high revolutions
A pre programmed roller makes contact with the metal blank.
The roller assists the flow of the material over the spinning former creating the shape required.

An example of the Metal Spinning process can be seen in the video below.

Ladbrook UK design and produce our own Spinning Formers in-house by our engineers based on our customer’s requirements, as well as taking into consideration the properties of the raw material being used ensuring the finished component is to the required specification.

We only supply quality components and have invested in a state-of-the-art PNC controlled Spinning Machine which give consistency of both the surface finish and the dimensional requirements across a full production batch.

As well as Metal Spinning, Ladbrook UK have an extensive range of metal pressing and fabrication equipment that allow us to add a wide range of secondary operations to the spun component. This can be anything from adding simple round holes, to complex cut-outs right through to supplying fully welded assemblies.

We can produce and supply Spun components in the following materials -
Stainless Steel
Duplex Stainless Steel
Mild Steel

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your Metal Spinning Requirements.

Ladbrook Mfg Ltd is an ISO 9000 Approved company.

Pressed Metal Parts

Pressed Metal Parts

Ladbrook Manufacturing produces pressed metal parts and metal components using a wide range of metal presses, to suit any customer requirement.

- Standard Manual presses, ranging from 5 tonnes to 75 tonnes.
 - Drawing and Forming Presses, ranging from 55 tonnes to 100 tonnes.
 - Fully Automated Presses, ranging from 32 tonnes to 110 tonnes.
 - Large Transfer press, up to 200 tonnes.

This allows Ladbrook to supply a full range of manufacturing volumes, from small development runs, right through to high volume production batch runs.

Our presses allow us to cater for a wide range of different pressed metal parts, these can be anything from small electrical contacts, to a diverse range of bracketry, right through to large metal pressed panels and components.

Copper, Brass, Stainless, Aluminium and Mild Steel are the prime materials but we also have experience in pressing parts from more exotic materials like Duplex and Phosphor Bronze.

For aesthetic properties or corrosion resistance, standard surface coatings such as Electro Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanised, Epoxy Powder or Wet Coat can all be provided for your metal components. Ladbrook is allied with external surface coating research establishments providing us with the ability to offer metal coatings with unique properties resulting in vastly improved performance for all your pressed metal parts.

In response to changing technologies and markets Ladbrook has enhanced its production of pressed metal parts, by incorporating novel solutions through our diversification into other engineering disciplines such as metal spinning and fabrication facilities.

The video above is an example of how Ladbrook process high volume pressed metal parts through our automated presses, which can be packed off press for the most cost effective solution.

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