Land and Marine Project Engineering Ltd

Land and Marine is a UK based international engineering and contracting company with main business activities in:

  • Land Pipelines
  • Marine Pipelines
  • Process and Energy
  • Engineering
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Storage Tank and Accessories
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

Complementing the company's capabilities, Land and Marine has well established Joint Venture arrangements with the following companies:

NACAP - cross country pipelines in the UK.
Westminster Dredging - marine pipeline works in the UK and Ireland.

Marine Pipelines

Our core marine pipeline activities include design, engineering, construction and project management of:

  • Landfalls
  • Long sea outfalls
  • Crossing of major rivers, estuaries and sea channels
  • Subsea pipelines
Whether using steel, plastic or concrete pipes, we provide solutions to pipeline projects, offering a wealth of experience using bottom-pull, off bottom-tow, surface tow (Flow-Lay®), float and flood, pipe-by-pipe and directional drilling installation techniques.
We have installed landfalls, sealine pipes and single point moorings around the world, for the import and export of oil, LPG, and other refined products.
Within the UK and Ireland, we operate a fully integrated joint venture with Royal Boskalis Westminster (Land & Marine Westminster JV) for the construction of marine pipelines where dredging is involved.
Marine Pipelines

Marine Services

Land & Marine offers a range of marine construction and support services to the oil, gas, water and nuclear industries including:

  • Work barges, winches and personnel
  • Hydrographic survey equipment and personnel
  • Submarine pipeline jetting and trenching
  • Decommissioning of nuclear pipelines
  • Pipeline repair services
  • ROV inspection and diving services management
We own and operate construction barges and marine equipment and often for international clients, equip and manage their vessels with our pulling winches, trenching machines or survey systems. Our long history of subsea pipeline burial is backed by in-house design of purpose-built trenching machines.
Offshore and near-shore surveys are conducted by Land & Marine's survey department which provides a variety of services to support both our clients and own marine projects.
Land & Marine has built up considerable expertise and experience in the nuclear industry, including installation and decommissioning of nuclear outfalls.
Marine Services


Land & Marine is one of the UK’s leading cross country pipeline contractors with over 25 years experience in the gas, water and oil industries. We have extensive expertise in:

  • Cross-country pipelines
  • Pipeline diversions and modifications
  • Crossings
  • Above ground installations (AGI’s).
Our highly skilled and experienced construction and management teams have the capability to design, procure and construct pipelines up to 48” diameter in high grade carbon steels using the latest automated welding procedures. Our engineers and surveyors provide key support during construction, for topographic surveys and support during river, road and rail crossings which we construct using either tunnels and shafts, or trenchless technology such as horizontal directional drilling or auger boring techniques.

Trenchless Technology

Land & Marine undertakes a range of “no-dig” techniques for pipeline and cable installations including:

  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Auger boring
  • Pipe bursting
From the mid 1980’s we pioneered the use of horizontal directional drilling techniques in the UK and Europe, and today we continue to provide a comprehensive service to our utility, oil and gas clients.
  We are recognised as one of the UK's most experienced and reliable trenchless contractors and own and operate a comprehensive range of directional drill rigs, auger boring and pipe bursting machines, all of which are available for hire.
Trenchless Technology

Plant Installations

Our process operations personnel have an extensive track record in the delivery of complex, multi-disciplinary plant installations. We offer industry-leading expertise in the design, construction and project management of:

  • Gas compressor stations
  • Pumping stations
  • Above ground installations for the Gas industry
  • Pre-heaters and after-coolers
  • LNG pipework and plant
  • Aviation fuel hydrants and systems for both military and commercial clients
  • Security systems
  • Fixed and floating roof storage tanks
Business areas served include national gas transmission and storage, defence, power generation, aviation fuelling and the oil industry. Major clients employ us as a strategic partner for critical oil, gas and LNG installations.
Plant Installations


Land & Marine’s multi-disciplined engineers, designers and specialist staff have extensive knowledge and expertise in the process and energy market. With over 20 years experience available, we can undertake:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Front end engineering design (FEED)
  • Detailed engineering and design
  • Turnkey (EPC) contracts
We specialize in the following sectors:
  • Direct injection and co-fired biomass plants
  • Commercial and industrial CHP
Together with the other departments at Land & Marine, we can provide clients with a complete package.
Our skilled personnel are recognized throughout the UK for their problem solving capabilities which have enabled various clients to overcome technical and financial obstructions

Fabrication Facilities

Following the acquisition of Haigh Pettican Limited (HPL), Land & Marine now has a 100,000 sq.ft. fabrication facility based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire that can deliver advance technology solutions for all mainline fabrication, welding and installation works throughout the UK Gas & Oil Industries.

Utilising the extensive experience of both Martin Haigh & Mark Pettican, Land & Marine is now able to offer a range of welding processes including SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) cellulosic and low hydrogen vertical-down, semi automatic FCAW-SS (flux cored arc welding) "Innershield" and low hydrogen semi automatic STT (surface tension transfer) process for root beads.

Land & Marine also has an extensive library of Welding Procedure Qualifications and Documentation ensuring that the right process can be selected for every individual application and to match the site conditions.

Fabrication Facilities

Engineering Services

Engineering is a key element in Land & Marine’s business. We offer engineering services to the oil, gas, water and energy industries in areas including:

  • Consultancy services
  • Conceptual design, feasibility and FEED studies.
  • Landfalls, river crossings, flowlines and bundles, sealines and PLEM’s, 
  • Intakes, outfalls and diffuser design
  • Pipeline or cable route selection
  • Civil and structural design
  • Surface water and wastewater drainage design
  • Process plant design
  • Bio-fuel and CHP plant design
  • Storage tank engineering services

Our experienced and innovative mechanical, civil, electrical and process engineers provide the design and installation engineering that support our day to day construction activities.
We provide construction and project management for both UK and international projects.
Engineering Services

Equipment Hire

Land & Marine owns and operates a range of specialist marine and pipeline equipment that is available for hire worldwide, including:

  • Linear and drum winches
  • Specialist marine pipeline equipment
  • Crane/accommodation barge
  • Subsea trenching machines
  • Onshore rock trenching machines
  • Horizontal directional drilling rigs
  • Navajo inspection class ROV
  • Subsea hydraulic tools
Much of our specialist pulling equipment has been designed inhouse, developed from the huge experience we have gained over many years.
Our skilled mechanical and electrical technicians set up and “drive” our equipment. They maintain, service and operate our plant - often in remote locations and under demanding conditions.
Equipment Hire

Above Ground Storage Tank Products - Tankserv

Tank Serv is able to provide many types of above ground storage tank seal systems and other tank appurtenances for use in floating roof and fixed roof storage tanks.

Incorporating a wide range of the latest steel and polymer materials,Tank Serv is sure of finding the right tank seal product for your application. Careful consideration is given to the selection of the tank seal materials to ensure compatibility with the stored products as well as providing longevity of operational service.
We can provide total solution packages for all your storage tank seal requirements from feasibility studies, through complete engineering, procurement, fabrication, field installation and repair.
With over 20 years experience in vapour conservation technology, Tank Serv has gained a reputation for product excellence and customer service
  • Primary Seals
  • Secondary Seals
  • Double Seals
  • Internal Floating Roof
  • Geodesic Dome
  • Roof Drain Systems
Above Ground Storage Tank Products - Tankserv

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